Girl on the Train on TVN with Emily Blunt. TV program on 04/14/2021

Several nominations for film awards, great reviews from critics and viewers, and a surprising ending that almost presses you into your armchair. TVN will show the thriller “Girl on the Train”, which is a screening of Paula Hawkins’ best-selling novel of the same title.

The girl on the train. Despair, lies, alcohol

Every day at 8:04, Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) gets on a suburban train. He pretends to drive it to work. She is pretending because she has been fired from her job. Rachel has been through a tough transition. The husband left her and made a life with another woman. Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) took her place. Rachel, riding the train, sees idyllic suburbs filled with rows of identical houses. In one of these households she lived with her husband, in the same house her ex-husband is now with another woman.

Rachel can’t handle it. He drinks. It is because of drinking that she lost her job, which she hides from her friend with whom she lives. We see the blurry face of the protagonist who can no longer live without alcohol. But although intoxicated, she watches from the queue window what is happening in the houses she passes. Especially in the only one. A happy couple lives there, just like her and Tom used to be. It’s Megan (Haley Bennett) and Scott (Luke Evans) Hipwells. Rachel has fantasies about their life and marriage. But one day Rachel sees an inhabitant of this house in an unusual situation. And the next woman is not there at all. Has there been a tragedy, maybe a crime? And even if Rachel saw something important, who would believe a woman who is rarely sober?


Wednesday, 22.35, TVN

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