Giulia Salemi lost weight: let’s find out what she eats and what sport she practices

Giulia Salemi has officially entered into the good graces of Alfonso Signorini who entrusted her with the role of social commentator during the live broadcast of the GFVIP7. Very active on social networks, where she has a very large following that has given her the title of official influencer, the Salemi has participated in the GFVIP twice and this has increased its popularity. Today she is a columnist, but also a presenter and is treading the wave of success.


Giulia Salemi lost weight: here’s what her diet is

Officially engaged to Pierpaolo Petrelli, whom he met right in the Cinecittà house, Giulia is also very busy as a testimonial for various fashion brands. She is a very beautiful girl, curvy body but not too curvy and in recent times she too has appeared thin: it is also for this reason that many brands offer her various sponsorships. But how does Giulia Salemi keep fit? Which diet do you follow? It must be said that the former gieffina is genetically very gifted, yet Giulia does not deny practicing some sports and following a balanced diet.

Currently Salemi trains at least a couple of times a week, loves sports such as yoga and pilates, but she is also a fitness enthusiast. She also loves skiing and kitesurfing recently she also discovered boxing which gives her energy and energy. In short, Giulia always finds a way to move and consume a few more calories. Salemi does not deny that she follows a balanced diet: this is what she eats.

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Giulia Salemi perfect shape? Lots of sport and a balanced diet

In a recent interview with Gazzetta dello Sport Giulia Salemi reported some of her secrets to keep fit. He plays sports constantly and this is very important for his physical and mental health as well. What does it eat? The former gieffina admitted to having followed many diets, but none have yielded consistent results. Today he spells a bit of everything by paying attention to the doses and has not completely eliminated sweets.

He loves chicken but also some vegetables and fruit and prefers simple condiments. Alternate with meat white fish like baked salmon and try to vary the foods as much as possible.

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