God of War improved for PC. The game has 45% better performance thanks to NVIDIA DLSS

God of War is another production that draws heavily on the latest NVIDIA drivers. The game runs much smoother, so owners of the appropriate graphics cards must remember to use DLSS technology.

I wrote a lot of positive words about DLSS technology in my God of War PC review. The creators make great use of the capabilities of the RTX series graphics cards to significantly improve the gaming experience.

According to NVIDIA, DLSS provides up to 45% performance gains in God of War But that’s not all of the cool improvements as PlayStation Studios’ latest adventure also uses NVIDIA Reflex i in this case, we are to receive 22% more responsiveness. The latter has already been mentioned by Digital Foundry, but I know one thing from experience – this game just works great on PC, and killing enemies is very satisfying.

NVIDIA confirms that the latest Game Ready driver also supports NVIDIA DLDSR AI, an enhanced version of Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR).

“DLDSR – use the surplus power of your graphics card to improve picture quality

Gamers who prefer titles that do not burden the graphics card too much (such as classics such as Prey, Starcraft 2 or Diablo III) can enable DLDSR to take advantage of unused GPU clock cycles to increase image quality. DLDSR is especially beneficial for gamers using 1080p or 1440p monitors and a high-speed graphics card. DLDSR is an improvement on the DSR technique by using artificial intelligence powered by Tensor cores. The AI ​​network has been trained to recognize lines and edges to distinguish texture details from blur effects. Thanks to the increased accuracy resulting from the use of artificial intelligence, DLDSR is able to improve image quality while rendering fewer pixels than supersampling without deep learning.

For example, a DLDSR set to 2.25x gives visually similar results to a DSR set to 4x, but with a much higher frame rate. The DLDSR technique is available from the NVIDIA Control Panel and works in most games “

Also check out the DLSS performance boost for God of War – the company presents data for 4K gameplay:

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