Goodbye to masks and bulletin, stop to fines and medical no vax reintegration. Mattarella calls for caution

The Meloni government begins to uncover the papers on Covid. For a strategy that aims to cancel the restrictions and obligations of the past, inspired more by a call to individual responsibility. In this sense, the new Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci intends to cancel the obligation to wear masks in the hospital which expires on October 31st. But the new government is also preparing to launch a moratorium for over a million Italians over 50 who have not been vaccinated and who are awaiting fines of 100 euros. Doctors who fail to comply with the vaccination obligation will also be reinstated and the daily bulletin on Covid will become weekly.

Mattarella, we cannot proclaim victory, we need responsibility

If the strategy that is outlined is that of a relaxation of the rules, the considerations of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella have not escaped. On the occasion of the celebration of the Days of Research, at the Quirinale, the Head of State stressed that “after more than two and a half years of pandemic we cannot yet proclaim the final victory over Covid. We still have to use responsibility and precaution. Public health has the task of maintaining high safety especially for the most fragile, the most elderly, and those who suffer from previous pathologies ».

Towards the farewell to the obligation to wear a mask in the hospital

The first sign of fracture compared to the past will almost certainly be the farewell to the obligation to wear a mask. The new Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci, doctor and former rector of the University of Tor Vergata, unless there are surprises, he will not sign the extension of the ordinance that obliges you to wear masks in hospitals, health facilities and RSA. An obligation that was last extended by the former minister Roberto Speranza at the end of September. Even in the workplace, since no updates are planned by 31 October (the social partners have been convened by the Government only on 4 November), the mask will remain recommended where companies request it with their company protocols. The basic idea is to go towards a general recommendation to use it when there are gatherings in closed places,

Stop the daily bulletin, reintegration for no vax doctors

A provision is also being defined for the reintegration into service of health personnel subject to suspension procedures for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation, before the expiry date of the suspension scheduled for next 31 December. The Minister of Health Schillaci always announces this in a note, also announcing the suspension of the daily publication of the bulletin of data on the spread of the epidemic, hospitalizations and deaths, which will now be announced on a weekly basis. “Also based on the prevailing indications in the medical and scientific fields, we will proceed – reads the note – to the suspension of the daily publication of the bulletin of data relating to the spread of the epidemic, hospitalizations and deaths, which will now be announced on a regular basis weekly, without prejudice to the possibility for the competent authorities to acquire at any time the information necessary to monitor the situation and to take the necessary measures ». “With regard to health personnel subject to suspension proceedings for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation and the cancellation of the fines provided for by Legislative Decree 44/21, in view of the expiry of the provisions in force on 31 December next and the worrying shortage of medical personnel and health care reported by the heads of the health and territorial structures – concludes the ministry – a provision is being defined that will allow the reintegration into service of the aforementioned personnel before the expiry of the suspension ».

The commission of inquiry into the past is also underway

The new line is to no longer focus on obligations but on references to individual responsibility that should inspire a bit the whole new strategy of the fight against Covid by the Meloni government: “Today the Covid disease is completely different from what there was once and therefore we are trying to ensure that gradually there can be a return to greater freedom, ”said the new minister Schillaci. That he now promises to focus on waiting lists and making up for missed performances during the pandemic. But without putting aside the most important issues related to Covid, including the intention to put the past management under the lens with a commission of inquiry that was first evoked by the premier herself: “It is useful to clarify what happened since administrative point of view “. “In terms of purchases, for example – continues Schillaci – I think it is correct to give a signal to the many sick people that public money is spent correctly”.

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