Google Stadia dies, and with it the idea of ​​a really interesting cloud gaming –

Google Stadia closes its doors: for a couple of days nothing else has been talked about, but let’s say that the news had already been in the air for some time, i.e. since Google canceled the first party projects for the platform, which at that point did not he had much more reason to exist.

The writer has never believed in the potential of Stadia, despite having perceived in the promotion that characterized the launch of the service of great and particular ambitions, the pursuit of the dream of a cloud gaming that could be really interesting, immediate and all-encompassing. A dream, in fact, which apparently will remain so.

Elitist in the literal sense of the word, since for flawless streaming you need a flawless connection and we live in a world where the digital divide is still a reality that we have to deal with (and in Italy we know something about it), Google Stadia promised great things, as mentioned: the possibility of seeing your favorite streamer play some title. on YouTube and then try it ourselves with a simple click. Maybe even join his game.

There extraordinary immediacy of cloud gaming we certainly do not question it now: it is a technology that eliminates the waiting times related to download and installation, and that lends itself perfectly when it comes to quickly trying a game to decide whether to buy it or not, therefore to appropriate it in the strict sense , download it and run it using the hardware we have.

Google Stadia, the controller

Google Stadia, the controller

Here, if we were to identify two elements that made us remain skeptical about the possible future of Stadia, we could say that the first is linked to the quality of the experience: however consistent, a streaming cannot boast the sharpness of 4K content that we run on a PC or a new generation console, and in an age characterized by visual fidelity at all costs, this is a big problem.

The second element is in many ways linked to the first: having to choose for which of our platforms buy a game at full price, how many would prefer the completely immaterial approach of cloud gaming? And, above all, what is the point of designing a system that makes content accessibility its focus but then asks you to buy the software at the same price as always?

Google Stadia, the envious will say that the entire user base is in the photo

Google Stadia, the envious will say that the entire user base is in the photo

As we see it, Stadia could have made a bang in the presence of a different business modelwith an all-you-can-play subscription that Google could have set up with the strength of its enormous economic resources, making this platform something truly futuristic and interesting.

It did not go that way, Phil Harrison and his collaborators tried to carry on a meager concept and after the closure of the first party studies, the wait simply began for an announcement that would decree the official end of Stadia. Well, that moment has arrived but we are certainly not happy with it: what a great wasted opportunity.

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