Government, Meloni: “Ready to put your face on it. Technicians are no limit”

His will be a “political, strong and cohesive government”with “a clear program” and “popular mandate”: an executive that must be built starting “from competence” and if the best one “were to be found outside the elect”, starting with the Brothers of Italy, “this will not be certainly a limit “. Giorgia Meloni is ready “to put her face on it”. To “give their best to solve the problems of the Italians” in a “very complex and delicate” phase. For the first time since the victory in the political elections on 25 September, the leader of the Brothers of Italy gathered the national executive of the party in the headquarters in Via della Scrofa. And she has drawn some kind of ‘identikit’ of the government who will be called to lead, once received by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. After all, explained the leader of the Fdi group in the Senate Luca Ciriani at the end of the meeting, “that there is some technician in a government must not scandalize anyone. high-profile personality elected on the lists of a party is no longer a technician “.

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The next government, Meloni explained to his followers, “will carry out policies in discontinuity with respect to those set up in recent years by the Pd traction executives”, as requested “by the citizens”. To do this, the premier in pectore aims to set up the Council of Ministers “as authoritative and high-profile as possible”. This, Meloni warned, means that the team will not be composed “to resolve internal party disputes or by proposing any name” or “for position gains”. What matters is having the right person in the right place. Beyond the political and the technical, it would have been Meloni’s reasoning, the leader of Fdi would like in the team whoever has the skills and experience. Translated: you need the right profile for each box. Almost a way to throw water on the fire after the reconstructions on the friction with the allies of Lega and Forza Italia precisely on the presence of the technicians.

As for the ‘timing’ of the formation of the government, the president of Fdi reiterated that everything will depend on the Colle: times are tight and therefore it will be very difficult for you to appear at the next European Council scheduled in Brussels on 20 and 21 October. A date circled in red, given that the budget law is at stake: and, according to what is learned, there are those who – during the Fdi executive – would have emphasized the need for the outgoing government led by Mario Draghi to submit the budget law by that deadline.

Meanwhile, the negotiations for the building the team for the next center-right government. The prices of Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo – a profile very welcome to the future tenant of Palazzo Chigi – as a possible new owner of the Farnesina are growing. Place for which Elisabetta Belloni and Giampiero Massolo also remain in the race. The names of Adolfo Urso, Edmondo Cirielli, Giovanbattista Fazzolari (right arm of the leader, on pole for the role of Undersecretary to the Prime Minister), Carlo Nordio (Justice), Raffaele Fitto (European Affairs) are ‘hot’ at the Fdi home. , while the economic manager of Fdi Maurizio Leo could occupy a box of the next sub-government. Instead, the chances of reading the name of Guido Crosetto, co-founder of Meloni’s party, are falling.

After the quarrel of the last few days, the waters seem to have calmed down with regard to the Interior Ministry. Matteo Salvini himself could in fact marry at the Mise, succeeding his deputy Giancarlo Giorgetti, or the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, thus shifting the name of Gian Marco Centinaio to Tourism. Other Lega profiles at stake for the ministries are those of Erika Stefani (Reforms-Regional Affairs), Edoardo Rixi (Infrastructures) and Lucia Borgonzoni, who after two terms as undersecretary could aspire to a promotion to Culture.

On the blue side, Silvio Berlusconi continues to push for an entry into the executive of Antonio Tajani and Licia Ronzulli (together with Anna Maria Bernini, Paolo Barelli, Andrea Mandelli and Alessandro Cattaneo). But the hypothesis of a government ‘upgrade’ by Ronzulli continues to meet resistance both in Fdi and in Forza Italia itself. The game for the presidency of the chambers remains open. Ignazio La Russa of Fratelli d’Italia and Roberto Calderoli of the Lega are among the favorites for the presidency of the Senate, while the Northern League player Giorgetti could sit on the highest seat of Montecitorio.

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