Government, the direct – Meloni to the test of trust in the Senate: “It is not a solution to poor work, only a red herring”

Meloni: “The legal minimum wage is not a solution, but a red herring”

“The fight against poor work is a priority for all of us. But you have to figure out which is the best way to do it. I think that the legal minimum wage risks not being a solution to this problem but rather a red herring because we all know well “ that there are “national collective agreements that already have minimum wages”. Thus Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in the reply to the Senate. “The EU has made a directive on this, a directive that says that there is equal dignity between the legal minimum wage and collective agreements and indeed says that the nations that have applied collective agreements the most have higher minimum wages. So for me the way is to extend collective bargaining ”.

Meloni: “Peace is not achieved by waving flags”

“I don’t know if anyone thinks that I enjoy war, that I like it and that I want to enhance it. No, obviously I think, I hope and we will work for what we can do to achieve a just peace, but we must understand how to get there: peace is not achieved by waving rainbow flags in demonstrations ”. So the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in reply after the discussion on trust in the Senate.

Meloni claims intervention to abolish the cash ceiling

“On the cash ceiling there was an ideological discussion, linking the issue to tax evasion, but there is no correlation with the undeclared, ‘there are countries where there is no limit, but tax evasion is very low’ , are words of Pier Carlo Padoan, minister of the Democratic Party and I agree with him “. Thus Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in the reply to the Senate. “Germany has no roof, Austria too”. “Technical issue, electronic money is not legal tender, it penalizes the poorest, that’s why I say that we will put a hand to the cash ceiling“.

Meloni replies to the debate in the Senate: “With limited resources you have to choose a path”

“When you have limited resources you have to choose a path, decide where you want to go and then think about concrete measures”. So the premier Giorgia Meloni in the reply to the Senate on the vote of confidence in the government. “I made the choice to design the Italy we would like, where to go and then let the measures fall from that vision”.

Melons: “Cutting the tax wedge by five points”

“If we don’t start with the tax wedge cut, wages will be low anyway and you haven’t done that. A different choice was made that had less impact. Commitment to progressively achieve a five-point tax cut. Two thirds to workers, one third to companies. Of course it has a significant cost and is a medium-term commitment “. She said it Giorgia Meloni in his reply to the Senate.

Meloni: “Choices without scientific basis have been made on Covid”

“I agree with Lorenzin on the recognition of the value of science and for this reason I think we must never exchange it with religion. In fact, what we have not shared about your governments is the fact that there was no scientific evidence behind the measures you were taking ”. The premier says so Giorgia Meloni in reply to the Senate on the occasion of the confidence in the government referring to the restrictive measures in the fight against Covid.

Melons: “We cannot move from dependence on Russian gas to China”

“We cannot think of demolishing supply chains of national production excellence to satisfy objectives established before the war and in a context different from that of today. We will never make ourselves available to move from dependence on Russian gas to dependence on Chinese raw materials, it does not seem to me a very intelligent strategy “. The Prime Minister said, Giorgia Meloniin reply to the Senate.

Meloni: “We urge Europe to give common solutions”

In Europe “we think about the dynamic price cap, we will see the times. We are pressing Europe to provide common solutions and there is the issue of the separation of gas from other energy sources. We are ready and even if Europe does not give answers ”, the government is ready to work on“ increasing decoupling also on the basis of European determinations ”. The premier says so Giorgia Meloni in reply to the Senate on the occasion of the confidence in the government.

Melons: “Funds from budget folds and extra profits”

The energy emergency is “the second level priority” which the government intends to work on, which “while waiting for the measures” in place to “really impact on the cost of energy “Working with great punctuality on interventions calibrated for businesses and families and recovering resources from the folds of the budget, from extra-profits (with a rule that for me needs to be rewritten) and from state revenues”. The premier said so Giorgia Meloni in response to the debate of confidence in the Senate, warning that “if we do not proceed quickly, speculation will restart. But all there is to do – he assured – we will do it ”.

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