Great controversy in the game Grnik – Legia. Ex-judge: Absurd translations of Piknon

Sunday in the premier league was primarily marked by a hit, i.e. the match between Górnik Zabrze and Legia Warsaw. The hosts were leading 2-0 until the break, and Lukas Podolski scored his first goal in the league. The guests did not lay down their arms and equalized within 90 seconds in the second half. The end of the game was crazy. First, in the 90th minute, Krzysztof Kubica hit the Legia goal, but this goal was canceled by VAR. It seemed that it would be the last chord of this match, but the same player in the 96th minute defeated Cezary Miszta again and the seventh consecutive defeat of Legia Warszawa became a fact.

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Ojrzyński: You can see that some players have not grown up to this situation

Controversy in the game between Górnik and Legia. Did the guests get a penalty?

So the meeting was full of emotions, goals, twists, but unfortunately there were also judges’ controversies. The former league judge, Marcin Borski, criticized Sylwester, who hosted the meeting. The judges working in the VAR car also got even harder.

Górnik Zabrze - Legia WarsawLegia Warszawa equaled the record from 1936. The season ended with a decline then

– Unfortunately for Sylvester the pace is too fast. Missed fouls at Mladenovic and Luquinhasa. 2 big mistakes. Where’s VAR? – wrote Borski during the match.

In his opinion, the VAR judges – Tomasz Musiał and Konrad Sapela also did not show off. They had some work, because they checked the validity of several goals. Two of them – Mahir Emreli and Krzysztof Kubica – were canceled. According to Borski, VAR did not perform its task well, because the analyzes took a long time, but most of all, as he mentioned earlier, the arbitrators escaped other situations. For example, the one in which Mladenović was hit by a rival with his hand, and then a second goal was scored for the Zabrze.

Was Filip Mladenović fouled before the goal for Górnik?Was Filip Mladenović fouled before the goal for Górnik? Canal + Sport

– VAR’s work today is a complete misunderstanding. An evident foul in the penalty area and a foul before goal was overlooked, followed by “ages” of checking for a fairly obvious offside. WTF? Covid has rotavirus got them? Borski thundered.

The former judge also believes that Legia Warszawa should have received a penalty kick. In the 42nd minute, with the score 2-0 for Górnik, within the “sixteen”, Wiśniewski kicked Luquinhas in the knee, and the Brazilian fell over. Experts are divided in this situation. – That’s what VAR is for. The referee may have overlooked this in such a dynamic game, but a traffic jam in the knee must be an offense. You can not hide that “light contact” or “added from himself”. Absurd translations – convinces Borski.

Górnik Zabrze - Legia Warsaw (3: 2)Media: Legia Warszawa has reached an agreement with the new coach! One condition remained

In turn, Adam Lyczmański in Canal + Sport indicated that Luquinhas added too much from himself and tried at all costs to convince the judge that he was fouled, despite the fact that contact, if any, was minimal.

Legia Warszawa is almost at the bottom of the table. He is in the penultimate, 17th place and has the same number of points as the last Górnik Łęczna. The Polish champions are losing 23 points to the leader of Lech!

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