Great debut of open-air cinema in Legnano with “Cry Macho – Return Home”

“Summer Arena 2022”: rThe summer film festival starts at the Sala Ratti with “Cry Macho – Homecoming”

"Cry Macho – Homecoming"Legnano – The traditional open-air cinema festival finally kicks off “Summer Arena 2022” which is held this year in the immediate vicinity of the historic Sala Ratti di Corso Magenta, 9 in Legnano.

A smart choice so, in case of bad weather, the others are forced to cancel, we can move directly to the cinema.” the organizer says cheerfully, Celeste Columbusas spectators arrive, ready to fill the approx 200 seats in front of a screen which, compared to other years, boasts a completely new audio system.

Cry Macho – Homecoming”

"Cry Macho – Homecoming"The review starts this year with “Cry Macho – Homecoming” 2021 film directed by and with Clint Eastwoodwhich also sees among the protagonists Eduardo Minett and Natalia Traven.

The story sees Michael “Mike” Milo (Clint Eastwood) a widowed cowboy and disillusioned with his life up to that point embarks on a perilous journey across the Texan border to retrieve the young Rafael “Rafo” Polk (Eduardo Minett) from his mother, a Mexican woman as rich as ruthless and bring him back to his father in the USA.

However, the return across the border does not turn out to be simple and the two find themselves entangled in an “on the road” journey through the dangers and beauties of Mexico, hunted down by the police and by a hit man from Rafo’s mother.

"Cry Macho – Homecoming"A situation that is not simple but never heavy for the viewer to digest thanks to Eastwood’s cinematography, which will allow the two men to get to know each other and to forge a strong relationship of trustas well as allowing them to understand what they really want from life.

Rafo. having finally crossed the border, he can say goodbye to his life as a vagabond and reunite with his father, while Mike remains in Mexico, in the arms of Marta (Natalia Traven) known during the fugitive.

Often a spectator of the story but also the protagonist in the most important moments, the rooster “Macho”, Rafo’s only friend during his life on the street: a metaphor for increasingly positive masculinity expressed by the two men.

The “Summer Arena 2022” program

"Cry Macho – Homecoming"The review continues next Tuesday, always outside the Sala Ratti. This is the program:

  • Tuesday 5th July House of Gucci by Ridley Scott (Lady GaGa, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino)
  • Thursday 7 July The perfect boss by Fernando León de Aranoa (Javier Bardem, Manolo Solo, Almudena Amor)
  • Saturday 9th July The king’s man – the origins by Matthew Vaughn (Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans)
  • Monday 11th July Still air by Leonardo Di Costanzo (Toni Servillo, Silvio Orlando, Fabrizio Ferracane)
  • Thursday 14th July The Girl from Stillwater by Tom McCarthy (Abigail Breslin, Matt Damon, Camille Cottin)
  • Saturday 16th July Freaks Out by Gabriele Mainetti (Claudio Santamaria, Aurora Giovinazzo, Pietro Castellitto)
  • Tuesday 19th July The portrait of the duke by Roger Michell (Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren, Fionn Whitehead)
  • Thursday 21 July Spencer by Pablo Larraín (Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, Jack Nielen, Freddie Spry)
  • Saturday 23 July Licorice pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson (Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman, Sean Penn, Tom Waits)
  • Tuesday 26 July Belfast by Kenneth Branagh (Caitriona Balfe, Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Ciarán Hinds)
  • Thursday 28 July Ennius by Giuseppe Tornatore (Ennio Morricone, Quentin Tarantino, Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone)
  • Saturday 30th July Murder on the Nile by Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh, Tom Bateman, Annette Bening)
  • Tuesday 2nd August Marilyn has black eyes by Simone Godano (Stefano Accorsi, Miriam Leone)
  • Thursday 4th August A Winning Family – King Richard by Reinaldo Marcus Green (Will Smith, Saniyya Sidney)
  • Saturday 6th August Top Gun – Maverick by Joseph Kosinski (Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm)
  • Tuesday 9th August Lunana – the village at the end of the world by Pawo Choyning Dorji (Sherab Dorji)
    Thursday 11 August It was the hand of God by Paolo Sorrentino (Toni Servillo, Filippo Scotti, Teresa Saponangelo)
  • Saturday 13th August The card collector by Paul Schrader (Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Willem Dafoe)
  • Tuesday 16th August Diabolik by Marco and Antonio Manetti (Luca Marinelli, Miriam Leone, Valerio Mastandrea)
  • Thursday 18 August Downtown Abbey II – a new era by Simon Curtis (Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael)
  • Saturday 20 August The Samouni road by Stefano Savona

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