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The extraordinary general assembly of Confindustria Cisambiente, in Rome, defined the nominations of the new candidates for the General Council. What is Cisambiente? This is the national confederation of Confindustria which brings together over a thousand Italian companies operating in the green economy.
The assembly’s choice also fell on Alessia Bertolotto, an entrepreneur from Cuneo who IDEA readers know well and who works in the environmental field, clean energy and eco-sustainable products and biotechnologies. She was voted unanimously and became part of this primary association at a national level and will represent our country together with 9 other green business entrepreneurs who always operate at a national level.
«I thank everyone for the trust placed, a trust that will certainly not be disappointed. We will be very busy in bringing operating programs and good environmental practices to organizations and institutions to support the green sector which today means a turnover of billions of euros at the country level with tens of thousands of workers employed, plus all related industries. A special thanks to the general manager Lucia Eva Leonessi who carries on this production sector with tenacity and optimism, to the president Alessandro Della Valle and to all the other members and staff. The Cisambiente Association was born in 2016 inside the historic Palazzo di Confindustria and was strongly desired by a group of entrepreneurs in the environment and renewable energy sector. A reality that was set up to protect and enhance those companies that have always shown an effort of great importance in the environmental sectors. An associationism that is realizing the objective of making the principles of the circular economy concrete and their inclusion in the territorial context of the individual member companies of the Confindustria world”. Cisambiente therefore becomes the model of a new associative system, transversal to several Confindustrial and representative levels. The institutional mission of Cisambiente is to promote and take care of the institutional, trade union and technical-scientific activity of the Italian environmental sector by bringing about major changes in a sector with consolidated habits. The actions and commitments of the Association and its members are oriented towards the defense of work and social dignity.

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