green light from 10 March, rules and what changes

Green light for visitors after two years of absence, they will be able to access with a reinforced Green Pass and Ffp2, but not only

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From today, Thursday 10 March 2022, it will be possible to go back to doing visit to relatives hospitalized. The go-ahead, two years after the blockade due to Covid infections, was expected for days after the ok given by the law of February 18, 2022 converting the anti-Covid decree of December 24, 2021. To access the facility, as always, some rules to avoid creating new possible outbreaks within the departments.

The visits to the hospital are back, what changes

With the return of visits to sick patients in the hospital, the possibility for relatives to stay close to loved ones returns. First and true psychological emergency of the Covid crisis, the return to the ward of family members can help and not a little healing of patients. But compared to past visits, those in the non-Covid era, the timing changes. In fact, as announced by the Ministry’s directives, it will be possible to visit at certain times of the day and for a maximum of 45 minutes a day.

To access, moreover, it will be necessary to be vaccinated with a third dose or with the completion of the primary vaccination cycle for less than six months, or to be cured of Covid.

Covid, visits to the hospital of relatives are back: green light from 10 March, rules and what changesPhoto source: ANSA

Healthcare workers at work in the hospital

Visits to the hospital, the rules

To visit relatives in the hospital, as mentioned, you will need to have a reinforced Green Pass obtained after taking the third dose. For those who access the facility with only the super Green Pass, obtained upon completion of the primary vaccination cycle, thefailure of a tampon antigenic or molecular made no more than 48 hours ago.

Entry prohibited, therefore, to those who will only show a “basic” Green Pass, obtained with the swab. The same requirements are required to allow visits to the RSA, whose go-ahead for visits was given on 30 December last.

Another precaution, in order to avoid possible infections, is to wear the Ffp2 mask for the entire duration of the visit.

Visits to the hospital, Costa: “A day to remember”

Yesterday, on the eve of the return of visitors to the hospital, Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa had enthusiastically welcomed the day of 10 March: “A day to remember for the many patients hospitalized in the wards of our hospitals and for their families. After two years, finally, another concrete sign of a return to normality “.

Costa has in fact underlined that the “closeness to the sick by a loved one helps to better deal with hospitalization in hospital and it is essential to accompany him during the healing process “.


Photo source: ANSA

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