Grillo proposes the “citizenship brigades”: “We need those who receive the income. Someone prevents them from helping the communities”

The proposal comes directly from Beppe Grillofounder and guarantor of the 5 star movement: “I call the report Citizenship Brigades“. The post appeared on his blog and is aimed at citizenship income earners, who have ended up at the center of the electoral campaign of past policies, so that they can make themselves available to communities to carry out socially useful jobs. The fact that they are called to give their availability it is already required by lawbut so far the implementation in practice has been very difficult (and not all municipalities have taken action).

“Today”, wrote Grillo, “the recipients of citizenship income there are about 3 million, many of them with skills they would like to make available to the community. And in fact it would also be expected that they can do it but ‘someone’ prefers to stop him, creating bureaucratic obstacles to make it irregularif not illegal, because it is more convenient to use them as cannon fodder to make war on the poor ”.

The obstacles exist and depend on the lack of an updated database and the limitations of municipal administrations. Grillo then, just as the right is preparing to question the whole measure once the new government has taken office, has addressed directly to those who receive the income. “This is why I call the Citizenship Brigades to report”, he wrote, “willing citizens who want to offer their work “illegally” to help the community in which they live, with jobs and good works in one’s neighborhood or in one’s country, because serving the community is a duty but also and above all a right of everyone. Citizens who can feel free to be able to repair an abandoned bench, restore an abandoned garden, build games for children, make themselves available for others “. And in this regard, Grillo also cited an initiative that, he said, he launched “more than 15 years ago together with the engineer Fornari of Ansaldo Nucleare” which would be aimed at all “residents of Genova Nervi who wished to make useful to the community to make the neighborhood more liveable “.

Then Grillo concluded with an appeal: “Citizenship Brigades, we need you! We need your skill and your participation! ”. And he provocatively closed: “The initiative of the Citizenship Brigades it is of great benefit to the Community. Ministerial Authorization Not Required “.

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