GTA 6, Reliable Source “Confirms” the Latest Rumors (Map Included)

GTA 6  is at the center of the gaming debate and is keeping users in suspense among rumors, indiscretions, and assumptions still without official confirmation.

The successor to GTA V continues to remain shrouded in mystery, and Rockstar Games hasn’t shared any details on what the sixth iteration of the famous franchise will bring.

Chasing all the rumors is no easy task, but by taking a look at our report on what has happened so far you can be sure you won’t miss a single detail.

For some time there has been talked of an unspecified female protagonist and a constantly evolving map, elements that make the interest of fans increasingly fervent.

To ” confirm ” what has been leaked so far is the journalist Jason Schreier, who through a tweet wanted to take stock of what emerged, also with regard to the information in his possession.

Talking about GTA 6 in recent days had been the insider Tom Henderson, in turn, the bearer of interesting details, now supported by Schreier himself.

The insider has often proved reliable, especially in the last period, with a series of very reliable information also on Battlefield 2042, the expected shooter of DICE.

Jason Schreier’s tweet (which came as a response to another user who accused him of naivety about the games supposed to release in 2023) suggests that the rumors circulated so far could correspond to something plausible (via ResetEra ):

“ I wonder why people think I said GTA 6 is  coming in 2023 .

Everything Tom Henderson said  matches exactly what I heard too. ‘

Driven by this clarification, a user asked if his confirmation was related to ” all the rumors that have emerged so far, to the exit window or just to some rumors “. This is the response of the former Kotaku journalist :

“ I haven’t seen everything but I know it’s still in the first stage of development. 

It will have a map changing / expanding (which I also said last year) and so on.

On balance (and as said by Schreier himself), the details provided by Henderson in recent days seem to be reliable and have remained GTA 6 one of the most discussed games of the moment.

The same insider had talked about a new system of rewards and payments that could represent a turning point compared to the past.

The strictest secrecy reigns over the announcement of the game, but according to the content of a job offer shared by Rockstar Games, it seems that the reveal could take place live.

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