GTA 6: Temporal PS5 Exclusive? Some Rumors Report an Agreement Between Sony and Rockstar Games


The latest rumors speak of a one-month exclusivity for GTA 6 on PS5, available at the launch of the new Sony console.

We are in the realm of the most uncontrolled corridor rumors, as is almost always the case with Rockstar Games, given the historical reserve of the company, but in this case of some interest because we talk about GTA 6 and a possible exclusive agreement for PS5.

According to some rumors, also reported by Business times, there would be an agreement between Sony and Rockstar Games for an exclusive linked to GTA 6 on PS5, as regards the launch of the game that could arrive in the 2020 holiday season on the new Sony console. Further details specify the extension of this exclusive, which would be temporal and decidedly short, to the point of further doubting the veracity of the information.

According to what reported, the exclusive PS5 on GTA 6 would be relative to a single month, so the month following the launch this should be quietly on the other platforms, therefore probably Xbox Scarlett and perhaps PC. The fact that Sony and Rockstar Games put themselves to the soul of creating a partnership, with lots of important sums of money is supposed, to limit it to just one month, seems genuinely unlikely, in any case, we await any developments on the matter.

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