Gucci HA HA HA, Alessandro Michele creates with Harry Styles

Harry Styles he managed to equal with his incredible personal success the one already obtained with the musical group One Direction.

Style icon, artist and singer among the most followed in the world, also a good actor, as well as a solid presence on social media, with active fans and onlookers who participate in his career and love affairs with the actress and director Olivia Wildewho have become one of the cult couples of the moment, met on the set of the film Don’t Worry Darling.

On his third solo album, titled Harry’s House and anticipated by the individual As it wasone of the most broadcast songs on the radio, the British artist, just over 28, has been on the most important stages in the world for over a decade.

Her refined look can be associated with her friendship with the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michelea synergy of style and thought that surprised the fashion crowd with the preview release of a real co-ed collection, presented during the men’s Milan Fashion Week in June and on sale from next autumn.

The name Gucci HA HA HA summarizes the collection with a fusion of the initials of the names of Michele And Styles and it also remembers the onomatopoeic sound of the laughing face emoji, used by both of them for years to end their messages to each other.

Alessandro Michele met Harry Styles first as an artist, who has dressed on the red carpets and on tours in recent years, then chosen as a model for some advertising campaigns, which then evolved into a relationship that is maintained over time as an important source of continuous creative contamination and research stimuli.

Friendship, complicity, creative synthesis and taste for a research and contemporary style, have been translated with the Gucci HA HA HA label which represents the beginning of a men’s fashion vocabulary (but some pieces are also enjoyable for women, ed) still all to be classified and ready to continue to self-generate.

The Gucci designer summarizes this work, which combines two ‘I’s to obtain an’ we ‘, in a wardrobe made of contamination of reciprocal ideas that become a series of concrete products.

“Harry has a tremendous sense of fashion. Observing his ability to match clothes with a procedure out of scale with respect to the standards required by the taste of common sense and the homologation of the form, I learned that their very arrangement is a generator of differences and powers, as well as his reactions to the clothes that I have prepared for him over the years, and that he has always worn making them his own. All this brought me a wind of freedom every time, so much so that I developed the idea of ​​working together, materialized one day while we were talking on the phone, where I proposed to build together a “dream wardrobe” starting from those little oddities that they know putting together the almost childish visions. We have obtained a mixture of Seventies pop aesthetics, a bohemian spirit, a revision of the gentleman’s imagination, in an overturned memory of men’s tailoring ».

Each combination sums up the meticulous care and also the fun in daring a never banal aesthetic research of both, with a lot of attention paid to fabrics and sartorial details, in the jackets and coats in British style or printed with playful motifs, in the flared trousers, in the treated denim and pajamas in some suits, on evening shirts and others in bowling style, on emotional and elegant accessories.

All built with luxurious manufacturing and precise volumes, to which are added color palettes and mix & match linked to visual and artistic images that produce fascination and style.

Aspects of English tailoring are transformed into a new romantic vision of masculinity where, as in music, Styles he tells his whole respectable and creative world, curious to experiment without ever standing still, while carrying that allure of his more like a gentleman than a divinatory pop star.

The singer, in fact, is kind even in his character a little intimist and attentive to the world around him, another point of agreement with Alessandro Michelefor example, in advocating for social causes.

Like when they created the Gucci white T-shirts made with sustainable materials and an embroidered red heart, for the benefit of the Global Fund For Women.

Or when Styles donated the proceeds from Apple’s AirPods advertising to the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian organization that helps refugees forced to flee Ukraine due to war.

And when he donated a million dollars to an association that deals with security against the indiscriminate use of weapons, after the tragic events at the Uvalde school in Texas.

Harry’s summer musical tour is in full swing, we will see him go to Italy at the PalaTour in Turin on July 26, and continue with performances in various international cities.

Waiting for the release of Gucci HA HA HA in October and perhaps other surprises before.


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