“Gucci House”: Lady Gaga and other filmmakers about Ridley Scott’s film

  • Gucci is a globally recognized fashion brand that has existed since 1921. The Gucci family’s latest film “The House of the Gucci”, which premiered on November 24, 2021, tells about the history of the Gucci family.
  • During the last press conference in London, the actors appearing in the film managed to gather in one place. How do they rate the film, the characters played and how do they remember working on the set?
  • The main role in the film was played by Lady Gaga. “I believe that she was a real woman of flesh and blood, who fell in love. (…) When it was taken from her, she reacted in an unusual way. Because most women do not order the murder of their husband in such a situation.”
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The world of film is waiting for her performance very impatiently. Was the Oscar nomination for “A Star Is Born” a stroke of luck, or is Lady Gaga really a versatile artist with great acting talent? During a press conference in London, the actors managed to gather in one place. They shared their thoughts on their roles with the press and told more about the collaboration and creative atmosphere on the set.

Gaga: cat, fox, panther

When an actor is tasked with playing a character that really existed, he often spends long hours researching the tapes, reading memories. It is rare for him to have other options. However Patrizia Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga in the film, is still alive and has already been released from prison. It would seem logical to organize a meeting, consultation. Yes, Gaga read every available article and watched interviews with Maurizio Gucci’s ex-wife, but she didn’t want to meet her. Why?

“I struggled for a long time to figure out who Patrizia was and why it happened. It was important for me to approach this role more like a journalist because I was playing a real person. So I wanted to decide for myself what Patrizia looks like when she lies and how she is telling the truth Who was she before she got married? Before she ordered a murder? There is much less information available about those days. My job was to build her entire youth. I believe that she was a real flesh-and-blood woman who fell in love. I believe she loved not only Maurizia but who he was, what he meant. How he supported her within the family business. When it was taken from her, she reacted in an unusual manner. After all, most women do not order the murder of their husbands in such a situation“- said smartly dressed Gaga.

Photo: Press materials

Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci and Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in “The House of Gucci”

The singer is a famous fashionista, so she must have had fun with the delicious costumes she had to wear in front of the camera. Costumes were an important tool in creating this character. Someone will say – obvious, after all Scott’s film is about a fashion house. However, it is not about fashion in the broad sense as a trend, something seasonal, but clothing as a form of self-expression, a story about roots, complexes, aspirations and values. The way the costume designer Janty Yates dressed Gaga is not only a spectacular accessory, but also an extremely rich source of information about her heroine. The make-up was a challenge, because Gaga plays Patrizia in her twenties, but also in her forties. “Our trailer resembled a laboratory. There were fifteen wigs arranged with original period cosmetics, and photographic documentation of individual looks. Everything had to be on point. In the morning I played Patrizia around forty, in the afternoon – twenty-something. Thanks for your trust, Ridley!” – the star laughed.

Photo: Press materials

Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in “The House of Gucci”

Gaga revealed that while working on the role of Patrizia, she imagined her heroine as three different animals. “In the first stage of her life, I was a cat, a domestic cat. In the second act, I transform into a fox. I discovered that foxes like to play hunting. Until the end, I studied panther, because in the third act, Patrizia turns into a big, dangerous cat. I watched the video. , showing how panthers hunt. There is something seductive about it. That was how I discovered the physicality of this character. ” Thinking about the film in three parts is not a coincidence – as Driver revealed, Scott wanted to construct “Gucci House” as if it were a three-act play.

Ridley Scott, hero!

Judging by the courtesy level, it seems that the atmosphere on the set must have been idyllic. The actors could not help but praise each other and send them to the director who was absent at the conference.

“For me, it was a chance to work with one of my heroes,” said Jared Leto, in the film almost unrecognizable under a thick layer of makeup, a “bald” cap covering his hair and extra pounds. This time he did the job, the so-called “fat suit”. The make-up lasted about six hours each day, which Leto spent pondering the focus of the hero’s inner life. “You can play a lot outside, make an effective transformation. But without the inner life, there are no characters, that’s the key” – Leto emphasized. The words about the hero were addressed to Ridley Scott. “We all have films with which, as young people, we felt a special bond. For me, such a film was Blade Runner. It changed my life. After that, many other Ridley films influenced me just as strongly. I can’t quite say what caught my imagination so much, but I know how much I learned from it about acting, camera work or storytelling, film in general. Thanks to him, I fell in love with the cinema“- Leto marveled, completely deviating from the course set by the moderator’s question. But who has ever listened Leto knows that the American is famous for it – he answers every question as he wants, sometimes falling into a dense net of digressions. to agree: “Who wouldn’t want Al Pacino as their father?” Leto asked rhetorically. Paolo is Aldo’s son, played by the great Al.

Jeremy Irons, the film’s Rodolfo Gucci, revealed that the director’s wife, Giannina Scott, had been interested in the subject for years. “Eventually, she got her husband interested in him as well. But I and Ridley would have shot anything, even a phone book!” The legendary actor laughed. This version was confirmed by Salma Hayek, who on the screen plays the episodic role of Giuseppin “Pina” Auriemma, Patrizia’s spiritual guide and partner in the crime. “I knew that this film was being made long before I got the role in it. I am a friend of Giannina, I witnessed how she fought for it twenty years ago.

She was fascinated by the story of a woman whom the world saw as a careerist and kept woman who truly loved her husband. It is a story about love and where it can lead us “- said Hayek, who we just watched in Marvel’s” Eternals “.

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The Mexican did not fail to praise her younger colleague. “Patrizia was cast well to be or not to be a movie. She is an extremely difficult character. Gaga has done a phenomenal job. She went as deep as possible. She surprised us and raised the bar in every take. I love her imagination and courage. She gave one hundred percent of herself, was not afraid of anything. I have worked with a lot of great actors in my career, but there is really something special about it, “said Hayek appreciatively. Irons could not praise his film son Adam Driver as well.” The chance to work with him was great. I have admired Adam’s talent for a long time. On the set, I was just reflecting off his energy. This is how our relationship developed. “

Adam Driver himself, in turn, was delighted with the atmosphere on the set. “On the set you have to be ready that someone else’s idea may be better than ours. Here it was. Everyone appeared on the set well prepared, but willing to throw away their assumptions for a moment, if other people’s ideas turned out to be better. for such a strategy, it was natural for this cast. Just a wonderful bunch of people. “

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