Gym and palatenda ko three months after the storm

PIADENA DRIZZONA – Question by the minority group “Piadena Drizzona – a growing community” on state of the restoration works of the two gyms after the whirlwind of 4 July last. In the question, Ivana Cavazzini, Nicola Curls, Andrew Cantons And Andrea Volpi they recall that that atmospheric event “tore up part of the roof of the sports hall in via XX Settembre whose photovoltaic panels, falling, damaged the covering of the nearby palatenda. To date, after 3 and a half months, both facilities are unusable, with serious damage to the teams who have to take the athletes to other facilities for training and matches of the championships already started ».

The minority councilors continue: “We are aware of the complexity of the interventions, but our fellow citizens ask us for clarification on this issue and we believe that the inaction of the municipal administration to date seriously damages athletes, sports clubs and ultimately the citizens whose children frequented our sports facilities“.

This is why the minority group asks “what is and the state of the restoration work on the roof top cover and what is the expected time for regular restarting; what agreement has the municipal administration eventually reached with the property regarding the payment of the leasing installment, given that the asset is still unusable; what are the causes of the serious delays in clearing the rubble that to this day are still accumulated in front of the building; why strangers have been seen taking part of the rubble and by whom have they been authorized ”.

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