Hair flower accessories, summer hairstyle by Chiara Ferragni

Accessories with flowers for hair, the inevitable (and fun) trend of the summer

Flowers in your hair sings the band The Lumineers, reminding us how romantic adolescence is. And it also reminds us of the detail we were crazy about, that is the accessories with flowers for the hair, brought to the fore in the hippie period of the seventies and cyclically readjusted to a catchphrase that returns summer after summer. Except that, this year, Chiara Ferragni is bringing them back into fashion, in an alternative way. The Italian digital entrepreneur, guest at the parade Dior Cruise 2023 which took place in Spain in Seville, opted for a look that recalls flamenco dancers, thanks to a maxi flower from the nuance fire redcombined with the same shade of lipstick, expertly gathered in a low chignon and well pulled back. It is no coincidence that Chiara Ferragni’s choice, which confirms how beautiful and fun it is to put flowers in your hair. The hairstyle that she has decided to wear is similar to the theme of the Crucero Collection, that is the collection Dior Cruise 2023 that, for the creative director of the maison, Maria Grazia Chiuri, is the testimony, via clothes and accessories, of how important is the story of people, their life stories and their places of origin. Maria Grazia Chiuri thus wanted to celebrate the plurality of women’s visions, from the oldest to its most contemporary version, inspired by the flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya, who revolutionized dance in the 1930s, dressing and dancing like a man.

Chiara Ferragni

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty Images

Before Chiara there was Kate Moss

The influencer is not the only one to have chosen flower hair accessories. Before her, a few weeks ago, she was Kate Moss to remind us of the beauty of this unusual hair detail on the occasion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee when, at the parade, equipped with a shirt with the English flag printed, she opted for flowers among soft waves that swayed in her celebratory dance for the United Kingdom .

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