Hair: the butterfly cut, trend from the seventies

THEFarrah Fawcett’s butterfly haircut is memorable: thick, wavy at the right point, in the perfect shade of brown-blond. His it was an ante-litteram styling that now, in the height of summer, seems to make a comeback.

Many stars confirm this: Sienna Miller and Heidi Klum have been choosing it for some time. Perhaps it is due to its versatility that makes it suitable for the eternal undecided between bobs and long bobs.

Hair, the butterfly cut: back to the seventies

Protagonist of TikTok’s hairtrends, the butterfly cut is also liked by Jennifer Lopez and Elsa Hosk who wore it recently.

Butterly cut, like icon Farrah Fawcett, Sienna Miller on the left, Elsa Hosk on the right

Hairstylist of star Sunnie Brook coined the name Butterly haircut who re-proposed it thinking above all of the most doubtful. Its main feature? More slender in front and fuller and more voluminous behind.

In practice, in fact, the butterfly haircut is a scaled lob to have medium central tufts and XXL back lengths. Therefore ideal not only for those with thick hair, which is thus totally highlighted, but also for those who complain of fine hair because it gives volume. This is why it is very strategic.

Strengths of the butterfly cut

Nostalgic mood aside, this cut also winks at The Rachel of the 90s. THEThe butterfly haircut is based on a sort of illusion: thanks to skilful scissors in the right places, recreates a thick and long hair effect.

In front, it highlights the face and softens its features. The side scales, on the other hand, make it look like a very thin long bob, while behind the hair it is long and voluminous.

Short hair over 50: 5 cuts for round faces

Short hair over 50: 5 cuts for round faces

Side line and deconstructed waves to enhance it

To emphasize it more it is best first of all choose a slightly lateral line, especially ideal for thinner stems. The most suitable styles are wavy or slightly wavy ones which highlight its structure opening outwards just like the wings of a butterfly. Also not to be underestimated is the classic tail that highlights the play of scaling.

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The extra touch? A very open curtain fringeideal for framing the cut but also to create the illusion of a lob.


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