Half cockroach and half robot, here is the new solar-powered cyborg VIDEO

A cyborg half cockroach and half robot powered by power solar e remote-controlled wireless was developed by a group of Asian scientists led by the Japanese Riken Institute. The result, published in the npj Flexible Electronics magazine, paves the way for the use of bionic insects to monitor the environment or inspect hazardous areas not accessible to humans.

The group of experts, led by Kenjiro Fukuda, used live Madagascar cockroaches, which are about six centimeters long, as their home base. A sort of small backpack was attached to the dorsal part of their thorax which includes the paw movement control module and a lithium battery: everything was 3D printed using an elastic polymer that adapts to the curved surface of the insect. , so as to allow the rigid electronic device to remain permanently mounted for more than a month. On the dorsal side of the abdomen, on the other hand, the module with ultra-thin solar cells (just 0.004 mm thick) was mounted, which reaches a power of 17.2 milliwatts, “over 50 times higher than the power of current devices applied to live insects. “, Fukuda points out. Once the battery was charged with the light (in about 30 minutes), the insects were remotely controlled wirelessly, making them move in one direction rather than another.

“Considering the deformation of the chest and abdomen during basic insect locomotion, a hybrid electronic system consisting of rigid and flexible elements in the chest and ultrasoft devices for the abdomen appears to be effective for cyborg cockroaches,” says Fukuda. . “Furthermore, since abdominal deformation is not unique to cockroaches, our strategy can also be adapted to other insects such as beetles and perhaps even flying insects such as cicadas.” The next goal will be to integrate sensors and cameras in order to use these cyborgs for monitoring and rescue applications.

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