Halo Infinite is getting closer. Ranking of the best-rated hits of the cult series

Halo Infinite is fast approaching, and we can count down the time to the premiere of the full version of the game in days, not weeks or months. And that’s fantastic news, as the trailers that were presented and the multiplayer that were released showed the highest quality. Time has definitely turned to 343 Industries. May the high expectations that are always posed in the context of this series be fulfilled.

And Halo is a brand that has a special place in the hearts of Xbox fans. We have been witnessing its development for twenty years and we can enjoy each subsequent edition. One time it was better, another time it was worse – as it usually happens in this type of case. The overall reception, however, is extremely positive and it is definitely worth remembering what it was like so far.

For this reason we have prepared a list in terms of the ratings of the cult series. The specific rankings will be based on the results the games have received in critical reviews. Without unnecessary extension, this is the best ten of the current ones:

Halo: Spartan Assault / Halo: Spartan Strike

We start with two Halo mobile-computer spin-offs. We left the first in 2013, and the second two years later. We observed the events here from an isometric perspective, which was an interesting refreshment for the formula. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as many believed it would be. 343 Industries and Vanguard did not deliver projects that would meet the expectations of players. It was very average.

Halo Wars

And the first of the “big” spin-offs! In 2009, the real-time strategy was released on the Xbox 360 from Ensemble Studios (a team known from Age of Empires), which allowed us to travel through the well-known and beloved universe from a slightly different perspective. The game was a textbook example of RTS and it contained all the elements that a decent production of this genre should have. The tactical approach to the war with Convenants was a plus.

Halo Wars 2

AND the sequel turned out to be even better! Eight years after the previous installment, it was decided to make another RTS game from the universe, and this time it was the responsibility of Creative Assembly (and not Ensemble Studios, as was the case before). Everything took place in 2559, so nearly three decades after its predecessor. We got it, we loved one, but it’s even better, more and more.

Hello 4

Foursome! The start of a brand new trilogy and a return to the encounter with the series from the team at 343 Industries (which is still at the helm). We played the role of the Master Chief once again and we had to face the race of Precursors. The game definitely made an impression in 2012 and even today – although you can find some archaisms – it can provide a lot of great fun. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Hello 3 ODST

In 2009, a very interesting variation on the third part of the series was releasedwhich allowed us to look at a different perspective. We played the role of one of the soldiers of the title ODST unit. Interestingly, the game took place in parallel to the events that we had the opportunity to experience on the occasion of Halo 2. Was it perfect? Not. But it was really very interesting, and you could like Rookie.

Halo 5: Guardians

The top five is opened by – as if intended – Hello 5! Quite an interesting installment of the series and a full successor of the seventh position on this list. In terms of story, we got a direct continuation. We were still responsible only for the fate of John-117, so the Master Chief? Not! This time we were mainly walking into the shoes of Jameson Locke, who was looking for a famous hero. Great narrative reversal and treatment needed.

Hello Reach

Next in the ranking in terms of reception by critics, we have a production that debuted on Xbox 360 only 11 years ago! Well, on the one hand, I have the impression that it was recent – on the other hand, I am aware that it is a long time in the industry. However, the game is still defending in many ways, and throwing us to the story prequel was a bull’s eye. The duel with the Covenant race was a lot of fun.

Hello 2

Halo 2 lands in third! A game that debuted on the XBOX console in 2004. The continuation of the first edition appeared on the market three years after it and definitely lived up to the expectations of the fans. Even despite the fact that there was no “wow” effect this time, it was still possible to talk about a quite successful return to the universe. The devotees were definitely not disappointed – I wasn’t.

Hello 3

Second place? Hello 3! The game from 2007 is slightly higher on the podium in terms of ratings than the reviewerswhich debuted three years after its predecessor. And in this case, the team from Bungie Software came very close to the quality of the debut version. Everything was transferred to the Xbox 360, which meant a significant progress in terms of graphics, music and the scale of the production itself. Great fun to this day.

Halo: Combat Evolved

The last will be the first! The best-rated installment in the series is, of course, the one that is debuted at the very beginning – November 15, 2001. The futuristic shooting showed us the character of the Master Chief in all its glory and it was a meeting worth remembering. For its time, it was distinguished by a really great approach to the genre and amazingly made maps. You definitely played!

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