Happy Britney Spears opens the holiday season. The Christmas tree is already dressed!

Holidays are the most magical time of the year. Especially for Britney Spears, who will spend it as she wants for the first time in 13 years – as a free person. The star does not intend to wait any longer and has already dressed up the Christmas tree. See how much fun she has!

In recent weeks, the life of Britney Spears has changed beyond recognition. The star accepted her beloved’s engagement, regained her freedom and can finally live on her own terms. This means no one can stop her from … dressing up the Christmas tree in November!

On the new recordings, Britney Spears showed Christmas decorations at home. Look how much fun it gives her!


Britney Spears ready for the holidays

So much good has happened in her life recently that it is no wonder that the singer is ready for the holiday season. On new recordings, Britney Spears showed fans a huge Christmas tree. Was she inspired by Taylor Swift and the re-edition of her album Red?

I changed my pink tree to red 🎄🌹💋… it has been pink for 4 years and I just really wanted to show it to you now that it’s red !!!!

She wrote.

It’s hard not to notice how joyful Britney Spears is on the new recordings!


– Your smile just shines baby 😍

– Freedom looks good on you ❤️

– You look so happy 😍❤️❤️

We read under the Britney Spears recordings. it’s hard to disagree with these comments!

While Britney Spears’ tutelage is history, it’s hard to forget what she had to go through. Here’s what her struggle to regain freedom looked like over the years:

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