Harassed Gigi Hadid does not speak, but she does: Scandal with this brand!


Kendall Jenner’s model and friend and the mess that turns the fashion world upside down

Be careful because the one that has become involved in the world of fashion in the last hours has been fat. And all following an extensive article published in The New York Times in which the American header uncovers an alleged case of harassment by some of Victoria’s Secret brand executives to several models.

After contacting many models, workers and managers of the underwear brand, the media makes it clear that there are several voices that point to Ed Razek, a senior manager of Victoria’s Secret’s mother company, L Brands, as one of the main suspects.

The mess in Victoria’s Secret

In fact, it was Razek who, as several sources point to the aforementioned medium, the one who is a parade of 2018, harassed Bella Hadid, model, and sister of the also model Gigi Hadid. They say that while she was just adjusting her underwear model, the executive came to tell him ” forget the panties .”

Other witnesses also say that on another occasion Razek himself would have put her hand in her private parts to a model also during a parade. But be careful because there are more suspects in this scandal.

In this case, a woman, Leslie Wexner, who is none other than the founder and executive director of L Brands who would also have denigrated some models and, above all, who would not have taken any measures against Razek despite knowing her behavior. In fact, they say that the complaints against him in the human resources department are more than numerous.

On the other hand, the article also recounts a controversial trip in which the Alison Nix model along with other models received an invitation to attend a charity event on a private island with the only condition that she should pose naked.

“They took us by boat and those rich men flirted with us. All the models we were wondering, are we here as luxury prostitutes or for a charity issue? ”, Points out a Nix that they never hired. A scandal that, yes, Hadid has preferred not to speak.



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