Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde broke up (but “remained friends”)

After two years of love, Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde “they said goodbye”. Without tragedies, as he points out People. A source revealed to the American tabloid that the two “took the decision by mutual agreement”. And they remained “close friends”. What is certain is that the news of the breakup comes like a bolt from the blue. Only last August did the director speak for the first time of the «deep love» that bound them. While on November 15th she had been spotted at her partner’s concert. in Los Angeles. Yet the two, now, would have said goodbye: «It was a very friendly decision, without discussions. He’s still on tour and now he goes abroad. She is focusing on her children and about his work in Los Angeles. Their lives are far apart now. They have different priorities which keep them apart. Between commitments and differences, moving forward was too complicated ”, as the insider explained People. Adding: «They had a good time together, but they didn’t miss them complicated moments. Also because of the media pressure that has always accompanied their relationship.

The Wilde-Styles couple, in fact, have been talked about since the beginning. That is as early as January 2021, when the relationship was revealed by the tabloids. It was immediately said that the singer and the director, who had met in 2020 on the set of Don’t worry darlings where he acted directed by her, actually they had been lovers for months. That their story had begun when Olivia was still with Jason Sudeikis, father of her two children Otis Alexander and Daisy Josephine (the two split in November 2020). A version confirmed last October by Erika Gerano, ex nanny of Olivia and Jason’s children. The woman said that Sudeikis was desperate after discovering the affair. So much so that once he went so far as to lie down under Olivia’s car in order to prevent yet another encounter between his then wife and her lover.

Despite the endless gossip, Olivia and Harry remained together for about two years, “through thick and thin, like all couples.” But now they have decided to say goodbye. A piece of news that surprised many, but not those who knew them well: «It was clear to many that, despite their efforts to make things work, sooner or later it would be over».

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