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Silvio Berlusconi’s words about Vladimir Putin have caused controversy even beyond the borders of Italy: the reply from Kiev has also arrived

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The words of Silvio Berlusconi during the last episode of Door to door have puzzled many viewers. The Cav stated that Vladimir Putin would start his “operation military”To replace that of“ Volodymyr Zelensky with a government of good people“.

The leader of Forza Italia, during the course of the interview with Bruno Waspdeclared that the center-right is united on support for NATO and the position of the European Union.

However, his account of the war in Ukraine and the apology to the Russian president created tensions also abroad.

The reply to Silvio Berlusconi from Volodymyr Zelensky’s spokesman

Seriiy Nykyforovspokesman for Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking with Repubblica, expressed all the disappointment of Kiev over the statements of Silvio Berlusconi.

Explaining that Vladimir Putin, in power for over twenty years, “has killed or imprisoned political opponents. He has sent an army of killers rapists in the territory of a sovereign state. He organized a massacre in Syria “.

The Tsar is “responsible forshooting down an airplane passengers with 300 people in 2014. And now it threatens weapons nuclear“.

Nonetheless, the former prime minister “trusts him and uses his example to define who she is person respectable and who not “.

On the September 25 elections, the Ukrainian president’s spokesman stated that “it is essential that citizens choose candidates who have and follow the righteous principles moral“.

Enrico Letta against Silvio Berlusconi’s statements on Putin

Even at home, the words of Silvio Berlusconi have created controversy even in Italy. Enrico Readsecretary of the Democratic Party, declared that these were “scandalous and very serious” statements.

The center-left leader indirectly asked for clarity a Giorgia Melonswondering “if he shares them and if Italians can share them”.

Moreover they are “words rambling“, Considering that the aid to the Ukrainians“ was voted by Silvio Berlusconi himself ”with his support for the Draghi government.

Those of Silvio Berlusconi are statements “that they are pleased to Vladimir Putin ”, according to Enrico Letta. “If the right-wing were to win on Sunday evening, he would be the first to be happy.”

Berlusconi, words on Putin become an international scandal: harsh response from UkrainePhoto source: ANSA

Silvio Berlusconi welcomes Vladimir Putin to Rome in 2015.

Carlo Calenda tough against Berlusconi: what the centrist declared

Hard also Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, who composes the Third Pole together with Matteo Renzi and his Italia Viva.

On Radio 24 he declared that Silvio Berlusconi “took us out of any kind of European and Euro-Atlantic alliance. Yesterday he spoke as a general of Vladimir Putin“.

He then explained that the right is a “coalition that argue about everything“And that will bring Italy” into default. Other solutions mean Italy to disaster. Here or we take it into our head that we are in a sea very agitatedor we’ll break our heads ”.

Political election polls, the last before September 25: who would win if you voted today

Photo source: ANSA

Political election polls, the last before September 25: who would win if you voted today

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