Hater calls Cardi B’s daughter autistic and annoys rapper on social media

Cardi B doesn’t play around when it comes to her kids.

Cardi B has always spoken out on political issues over the years. From taxes to healthcare, Cardi is one of the few wealthy people trying to defend the middle class. She knows what it’s like to live through critical moments and, as a result, is always looking to advocate for better conditions for people. On Friday, a major political event took place when the “Roe V. Wade” abortion rights bill was struck down by the Supreme Court.

As you can see below, some people were waiting for Cardi to say something, and with great insistence, she decided to take to Twitter to say that no matter what she says, the artist gets criticism for it and that she does it. “Every time I talk about political shit, y’all criticize me like a bitch,” the rapper said matter-of-factly. Unfortunately, this turned into a complete mess in a comments section, as someone claimed that the 3-year-old daughter of Cardi B, culturewas autistic.

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That was enough for Cardi B speak out against the person who made the statement. “My daughter is not autistic… You can’t call her ugly. You have to diagnose her with something always. They will play in the traffic”.

Cardi received a lot of support following this person’s comments. As it stands, the tweet about culture was deleted, however, that didn’t stop the mother from defending her children while also making fun of anyone who thinks it’s cool to go after innocent children.

“Beautiful and smart…but you know those who are rejected by their parents always love to try my kids out,” she said. Cardi B. She then spoke about whether or not her children are autistic, saying, “They aren’t, and even if they were, I would still love them unconditionally.”

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