HBO series Euphoria brings Zendaya like you’ve never seen

When you hear teen talk, you soon think of stories of maturity, generation conflict, first love. But the series Euphoria , of HBO,  is far from being an attraction Teen Confessions type. The series even has a lot of teenage confession, except that the themes of these outbursts would be considered untrustworthy by most adults.

Get ready to experience a much darker side of Zendaya, a former Disney series star. She lives Rue, who after an overdose, spent a season in a rehab. But it’s not in your plans to stay clean and “grimace”. Amid bouts of unconsciousness, we see Rue negotiating with traffickers barely out of childhood. Other young people her age were involved in a high-voltage ciranda.

Jacob Elordi lives soccer player Nate, who has a possessive relationship with Maddy, Alexa Demie’s character. Already Kat, played by Barbie Ferreira, faces the pressure of losing her virginity and has her life exposed on the internet. Cassie, role of Sydney Sweney, has also had intimate videos shared by the crowd. She has made a name for herself for having sex that includes strangulation. Rue befriends trans teen Jules, played by Hunter Schafer. This one marks meetings with uncle who lead a double life.

Zendaya’s character is based on the drug, depression and rehab experiences of the show’s own creator Sam Levinson, who is the son of Barry Levinson, veteran director of film hits such as Rain Man and Good Morning, Vietnam. Sam commented in an interview that it must be very difficult to be a teenager today because the internet has changed the way people relate. And the online world is an alternate version of reality.

Almost all Euphoria characters go through extreme situations. Therefore, the series has a different language. It uses some expressionism in some scenes to illustrate altered states of consciousness.

The whole cast is brilliant, absolutely committed to building this universe with the greatest possible realism, but the star is Zendaya. She is the MJ of the new version of Spiderman. And the actress anchors this raw teen Euphoria plot very well. She says the series shows addiction very differently than in the past when you first saw the addict and then the human being, not allowing you to feel compassion for the character.

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