‘He betrayed her’, William overwhelmed by the scandal: Kate takes away the faith

Latest scandal involves the Royals, it seems that William has betrayed the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate doesn’t fit in and takes away the faith.

Kate caught him – Siciliananotizie.com

THE Royals of England they are involved in a new scandal that knows how to go around the world and especially in Russia. In spite of everything that is happening, the Palace has not uttered a word and remains silent. The news spread very quickly thanks to a post written by Deux Moi at the end of July 2022 which was then eliminated, here’s what he wrote:

This gossip is so hot that I am shocked to share it with you. The extramarital affair of a British royal is no longer a secret in London. This topic is what is spoken of in English newsrooms and salons. At a media party recently they told me that the real reason for the affair is the love of the royal in question for the peggig, but the wife would be too old-fashioned.

And then they continued: “The wife does not care and prefers to have her sexual needs met elsewhere. But things don’t have to go on the sentimental side, as they did with the last woman. “ Finally, the portal was keen to point out that the information they report is not confirmed.

Sex scandal in the English crown: are we talking about William?

In short, it seems a gossip launched there without giving the name and surname of the real in question and in addition adding that there are no facts that prove what happened. Associated with this royal was William as users quickly identified him as the British royal, but this without, however, the truthfulness of the news.

Kate and William ended up in the eye of the storm for the umpteenth time. But while this story having no foundation it immediately deflated everywhere in Russia, no. And in fact the Russian media continue to talk about it, titling their news with William’s betrayal of Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William – siciliananotizie.com

This was also fueled by the fact that Middleton did not wear the engagement ring at the Commonwealth Games. But even if this epidose in itself proves nothing.

Behind the portal Deux Moi no one knows who is there and it seems that the post was just a tool made to feed disinformation. In fact, the post published by them is very vague and does not report any certainty.

Prince William is a very popular character and will one day become the king of England, a geo-politically central nation. Even recently, England had adversity with Russia after the latter invaded Ukraine.

Kate Middleton and William
Kate Middleton and William – betrayal – siciliananotizie.com

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