“He did it every morning for months”

He went to the cemetery on time every morning, with the sole aim of desecrating the ex’s grave wife from which he had divorced almost 50 years ago. To accompany him his current partner. A hatred never subsided, which the man intended to “celebrate” still today, urinating on his grave or leaving excrements. Until the children of the deceased woman found out, they were shocked.

“A man from Bergen County, New Jersey, left sacks of poop and urinated on my mother’s tombstone almost every morning, as if it were a normal routine, also assisted by his wife,” the words of Michael Murphy, son of the woman buried at Orangetown Cemetery (New York). “We have weeks and months of rehearsal. No one in my family has had contact with him since 1976 or thereabouts, we don’t know how he found my mother’s grave, ”he wrote on Facebook.

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The son’s story

“I can’t convince my wife to have dinner out, while this man manages to get his partner to accompany him every morning to desecrate my mother’s remains”, says bitterly the woman’s son, who posted the man’s photos on Facebook. The two had been briefly married in the 1970s. From the second marriage of the now deceased woman, the two children were born, who had to investigate to find out who was the vandal who had targeted the tomb. After placing some cameras and waiting a few hours, the bitter discovery. “I was shaking as I hid and looked at him. My sister was crying… I was so angry, ”he told the Daily Mail.

Since he was filmed, the man has stopped going to the cemetery. His was a fixture. Every morning at 6:15 sharp, he arrived in front of the tomb and freed himself. “I think he stopped, but anyway I keep going every morning to check. At least if he sees a parked car he will be dissuaded from urinating. Police? A disappointment … »continues the son of the deceased. “I promised my wife and children that I wouldn’t hurt him, but I’m afraid to face him because I wouldn’t be able to control myself if I had him in front of me. He has been doing this to my mother’s grave for months, maybe years. ‘

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