He falls on a cliff in the mountains, goodbye to Ilaria Magli

A flight of two hundred meters in Valsaviore. She died like that Ilaria Magli, 31 years old, speech therapist from Montichiari. She was walking, together with her brother, the path No. 1 of the Adamello, from the Franco and Maria refuge towards the Lissone refuge, when around 2,500 meters between the Passo d’Avolo and the Passo di Ignaga she slipped and fell into the cliff.

The brother has nothing left to do but call for help. The health workers of the Sondrio air ambulance arrived on the spot. The lifeless body of the 31-year-old was hoisted on the aircraft and taken to Saviore, where it was taken over by the men of the Edolo Gdf Alpine Rescue.

Sunday afternoon the body will arrive at the Coffani funeral home. The funeral is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, starting at 14.45 from the funeral home to reach the Cathedral of Montichiari.

A similar incident happened five years ago, just in August, right between the Ignaga pass and the Lissone refuge. Even in that case, a 30-year-old Roman woman lost her life.