he had eaten ricotta, had been in intensive care for days

Another dead for listeria. A 75 year old man Bojano (Campobasso) died this afternoon in the Cardarelli intensive care unit in the Molise capital, after contracting listeriosis. His condition was immediately defined as very serious due to some previous pathologies. The man had been in intensive care for days after ingesting food, probably from ricotta cheese. A check by the Hygiene office was launched on the case to trace the type of food at the origin of the infection.

Listeria, Bassetti: “No to psychological terrorism”

«After the frankfurters eaten raw, the salmon sandwiches». The bacterium Listeria monocytogenes is «topical», but «let’s not be surprised: listeria is not a problem today, it has always been a problem. We have always had cases of listeriosis in our hospitals and wards. Listeriosis can cause meningitis, sepsis and the most fragile people can even die. But it’s not like we need to be terrified that if I eat a sausage or a salmon sandwich it takes my listeria and I die. This equation evidently ends up terrorizing people ». To explain it is Matteo Bassettidirector of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, who posted a video on the subject on Facebook against what he defines in the title as «the hysteria of listeria».

“Listeria can be transmitted through food and some precautions must be taken: in the meantime, careful hand washing, always, in the handling of food, and foods such as meat and sausages should be cooked to reduce the risk – indicates the infectious disease specialist – I believe however not it is the case of being too alarmed “because, in fact,” the disease of listeria has always existed, we have always had cases, and unfortunately also deaths. Let’s try to reduce the phenomenon: it is right to be on the spot, but we must not engage in psychological terrorism on people ».

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