He lost in Fame MMA and was fired from KSW. But he already has an offer. “We’re in!”

It was the fight of the evening of the Fame MMA 12 gala between Kasjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński and Marcin Wrzosek. The result of this clash, however, was definitely more severe for the latter. Apart from the defeat itself, its consequence was the termination of cooperation between “Polish Zombie” and the KSW federation. Information about such activities was provided by the co-owner of the largest MMA federation in Poland, Maciej Kawulski himself.

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The KSW authorities emphasized, however, that it would be up to Marcin Wrzosek how long his absence from the federation would be. In the meantime, questions arose: what’s next for the future of the former KSW featherweight champion? As you can see, the 34-year-old cannot complain about the lack of offers from other organizations.

Marcin Wrzosek and Monika LaskowskaBurza after the fight Don Kasjo – Wrzosek at Fame MMA. “We are referencing”

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“Hey Marcin Wrzosek. A good and exciting fight was yesterday! Kasjo in boxing is really very strong. I invite you to FEN now. There are some interesting combinations to be made here!” – wrote Paweł Jóźwiak, head of Fight Exclusive Night.

Marcin Wrzosek will come back to FEN? The head of the organization already has a rival

We didn’t have to wait long for a potential rival that Marcin Wrzosek could face during the next events organized by FEN. “Okay, now seriously. If Mateusz Rębecki does not go to the UFC after # FEN37 and if Marcin Wrzosek is fired from KSW after losing to Don Kasjo, I would see Rębecki vs Wrzosek in FEN” – wrote Mateusz Paczkowski from mma. pl. Paweł Jóźwiak leaves no illusions: “We’re in!”.

Let us emphasize that Marcin Wrzosek has had the opportunity to participate in events organized by FEN in the past. In April 2016, “Polish Zombie” faced Robert Rojewski in the seventh installment, defeating him by a technical knockout. A year later, he signed a contract with the KSW.

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