He took off the foil and he wrecked the new housing – never do this

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December 6, 2021, 15:06

Reddit is the source of many interesting stories, including those with morons. This is the case of the user who, due to his ignorance, destroyed the RGB backlight.

Imagine that you have assembled the computer, the case has RBG illumination and all you have to do to finish the construction is to remove the foil. However, when you get rid of it, the backlighting also disappears. Why has this happened? It is an issue of electrostatic discharge.

From now on, people will be afraid to pull the foil. Take off if you dare.

– wrote Strong_Industry1161 in a comment

Electrostatic discharge was created when the author of the post – StickmanAdmin ?? began to slowly peel off the foil from the housing. They then had to find a grounding point. As the author did not take care of it, electrostatic charges took the way through the housing, thus blasting the backlight.

You may be asked now? how to provide grounding? Well, there are several ways to do this. The simplest of them is to wear an antistatic wrist strap, you can also connect the power supply to an outlet (but do not turn it on), or simply ground it by making body contact with the housing.

Of course, the author of the post could as well pull the foil before he put any components into the computer and put it on the desk. It would also protect the backlight.

Either way, StickmanAdmin has received a rather nasty lesson, after which it will surely be remembered about the appropriate security measures when assembling the computer. If for? it is about the housing, it could not be repaired, and as the author himself admitted? he has already bought another one.


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