«He wrote history, he was a great Campanian» – Il Golfo 24

«De Mita was one of the most important figures of the Christian Democrats together with Gava, Forlani, Cossiga, Andreotti. You were a person who represented the South very well, especially Campania, you were always a point of reference. Our region has always expressed high-level politicians, both in the DC and in the other parties. De Mita was party secretary, prime minister, minister; I like to mention, among the illustrious Campanians, also Vincenzo Scotti, Paolo Cirino Pomicino and Giovanni Leone. De Mita joined the Christian Democrats in 1953 adhering to the grassroots Left. As Alcide De Gasperi said: “Christian Democracy is a center party that looks to the left”. Although he was 94 years old, he still had a great enthusiasm, which led him to become mayor of Nusco, his hometown. He showed the same passion of a young man who is elected for the first time and who is preparing to face a position which, as we know, is always very onerous, even more so for someone his age. De Mita helped write the history of our country, which came from a world war that had practically destroyed everything. As a Christian Democrat, I am proud and proud to have had a politician like De Mita in Campania, endowed with charisma and great mediation skills. My deepest condolences to the family on the passing of a figure of international importance”.

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