Health at risk for 3 zodiac signs: here is who will have to contend with a few too many ailments

We arrived on Saturday, and our horoscope tells us about health, in particular for 3 signs that will have to do with some ailment.

We are in the weekend before August 15th, are you ready to celebrate? Summer is in full swing, and we hope you are relaxing in some nice vacation spot.

Crystal horoscope (Fonte Canva)

Today, Saturday 13th August, we are in the middle of the hottest summer ever. If you are suffering from the heat, and maybe you are still in the city, we keep you company with our daily horoscope.

Saturday 13th August, keep an eye on your health for 3 signs

Those born today August 13 are under the sign of Leo, and their patron saint is St. Hippolytus.

Health horoscope
Health horoscope (Source Canva)

Those born on this day are often found in the means of conflictswhich often make them nervous, but they are tough and have clear ideas about where to go, even at the cost of getting into controversy.

Today’s stars tell us something very specific about gods health problems of some zodiac signs, as explained by the astrologer Vincenzo Lagan√†.

Do you want to see if it is you who have to be a little careful today? do not worry, the stars put you on the alert!

The first to have a day a little down are the friends of Bull, which is defined as the sign of the most gluttonous of the zodiac, and therefore today to be weak is precisely the digestive system. L’nutrition is to be taken care of, to avoid putting on a few pounds and enjoy your holidays to the fullest. The heat needs a light diet, so be careful what you eat.

Friends of the gods sign Twins, you are in the middle of the holidays you most than needed. The tiredness that you may feel is to be kept under control, because a ‘respiratory allergy or even one food poisoning. So pay attention to the lifestyle in this period, but above all to give importance to rest from all points of view.

The sign of the Weight scale he also needs this period of holidays and rest. Well-being can be jeopardized by tiredness, but also some distracting behaviors. The stars for today in particular tell us to stay beware of digestionbecause there may be a risk of congestion. This means that it is necessary to be careful to ingest drinks that are too cold, and too quickly, but above all avoid jumping into the water suddenly immediately after having a meal.

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