“Health problems” | Farewell to the throne over | There will be no men and women

A news is saddening the people of social networks. The famous knight of the Throne Over will no longer participate in the broadcast. Fans were stunned, but why did he make this decision?

The reasons behind his farewell have not been clarified but it is suspected that he has health problems.

Men and Women, the famous Knight of the Throne Over will no longer participate

Men and women he’s about to come back. The knights and ladies of the Throne Over, as well as the new protagonists of the classic one are ready to record the episodes of the next season which will be broadcast starting from September. According to rumors, viewers will review sitting in the rows of the male and female parterre, Ida Platano, Armando Incarnato And Gemma Galgani.

Many are wondering if there will also be Riccardo Guarnieri, it was then rumored about the presence of the beautiful Federica Aversano, but to be sure that they will be there it is necessary to wait for the airing of the new episodes, but who is the rider who most likely will not participate anymore?

Throne Over, who is the knight who will no longer be present in the male parterre of Men and Women?

News has quickly made the rounds of social media in the last few hours. It seems in fact that the very nice Luciano, knight of the male parterre, who became famous for his ballets, he will no longer sit in the ranks of the Throne Over.

Mr. Luciano gained some popularity over the course of the broadcast There is Mail for You, to then arrive at Men and women where he entertained the public thanks to his dances and his overwhelming rhythm.

Despite his 90 years old he is very energetic and in good health, but it seems that the doctor, his doctor and the editorial staff have agreed to end his adventure within the program, to safeguard his health.

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