Healthcare: € 1 million 600 thousand from the Umbria Region for specializations in the medical area

Region of Umbria(UNWEB) – Perugia – The amount allocated by the Umbria Region to guarantee the financial coverage of additional contracts, with regional funding, in the Medical Specialization Schools of the University of Perugia for the year 2021 amounts to 1 million 600 thousand euros. / 2022: the regional councilor for Health announces this, explaining that with the allocated resources the coverage of the entire duration of the financed contracts is guaranteed, therefore for the 4-year specializations the figure is 102 thousand 200 euros and for those of 5 years is equal to 128 thousand. Coverage is also provided in the event of any suspension of the training period for a maximum period of one year, for each contract.

The commissioner, after having recalled that the Umbria Region, based on the needs of the regional health system, establishes each year the activation of specialist medical training contracts in addition to the ministerial ones, making specific financial resources available, specified that the contracts are assigned to those who have passed the tests required by the regulations of the individual Schools, without prejudice to the use and compliance with the national merit ranking.

For the academic year 2021/2022, 14 additional contracts are funded by the Umbria Region to be allocated to the following Schools of Specialization in the medical area of ​​the University of Perugia:

Anesthesia, resuscitation, intensive and pain therapy (n.1 post), General surgery (n.1 post), Dermatology and venereology (n.1 post), Geriatrics (n.1 post), Cardiovascular diseases (n . 1 post), Internal medicine (n. 1 post), Neurology (n. 1 post), Ophthalmology (n. 1 post), Medical oncology (n. 1 post), Orthopedics and traumatology (n. 1 post), Pediatrics (1 place), Psychiatry (1 place), Radiodiagnostics (1 place), Urology (1 place).

In order to favor the permanence of professionals in training in the structures of the regional health system, it is established that specific clauses are prepared for the specialist training contract that the trainee physician assigning an additional regional post must sign.

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