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The heart disease are among the leading causes of mortality in the world. And the primary prevention remains one of the main tools to combat them. It has in fact been shown that by minimizing the so-called “modifiable” risk factors – that they can correct with the view style – the possibility of contracting these diseases is considerably reduced. Between modifiable factorsin addition to nutrition, physical activity and smoking, there is also the sleep, of which little is said but which contributes in an important way to the health of the heart and to the general well-being of the organism. Several scientific studies highlight one correlation between sleep timing and cardiovascular disease risk. In particular, according to a new study published by the Rutgers University of New Jersey, the differences in metabolism between two different groups of people are analyzed: i early risers and night owls.

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Research results suggest that it’s the people who go to sleep laterespecially after midnight, to be more at risk on the possible development of heart disease. Night owls would have one reduced ability to use and burn fat necessary for the energy to be used in their activities due to the changes that the night brings in the body and metabolism. As a result, these fats accumulate in the body, increasing the risk of developing heart disease and other pathologies generally caused by lipid accumulation.

On the contrary, the morning peoplebeing more active early in the day, they would burn more fat to produce energy for their daily activities. The research result underlines the advantage of early risers over night owls above all in the long term. In conclusion, therefore, once again, prevention reveals itself the most effective weapon. And where it’s not possible, correcting an unhealthy vision style can bring great benefits.

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