Heather Parisi and the experience of pregnancy at 50

Heather Parisi gave birth to twins Elizabeth and Dylan in 2010, when she was 50. She now told Verissimo about her experience and what it meant to experience a pregnancy at that age, even revealing a rather chilling background.

The data also confirm that late pregnancies are an increasingly widespread phenomenon Istatfrom which it emerged that, from 2001 to 2019“the share of births to mothers over 40 years of age has more than doubled”. Among these is also Heather Parisi who faced the third and last pregnancy, moreover twin, when she was 50 years old. It was 2010, in fact, when she got pregnant and gave birth to the twins Elizabeth and Dylan Recently, the dancer who left the States to conquer Italy talked about it to the microphones of very truetelling unpublished and in some ways dramatic background.

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Heather Parisi: “It wasn’t easy to get pregnant at 50”

It took almost two years for Heather Parisi to get pregnant of her current husband, the entrepreneur Umberto Maria Anzolin. Years in which the dancer he was about to lose hope and during which he also lived periods of crisis, like that “terrible in August 2009”, as he reluctantly remembers in the living room of very truewhere she was a guest of Silvia Toffanin. That’s where Parisi gives us an unpublished story of his pregnancy experienced when she was 50 years old. Well yes, because after several attempts, the woman and her partner finally managed to fulfill their dream of building a family together – Parisi, at the time, was already the mother of Rebecca and Jaqueline, from two previous marriages. “When you least expect it, things arrive”declares today the performer of unforgettable hits as “Cicadas” And “Disco Girl “which invites those who are in the same situation as him “a don’t get down“, but to try, on the contrary, to maintain a positive attitude because” life is wonderful “, despite its infinite contradictions.

“I had to decide which of the two to keep”: the unpublished revelation of the dancer

But in sharing your experience with the listening audience, Heather Parisi revealed a unpublished background and rather unsettling that she found herself having to live while she was pregnant with twins. The dancer told that the attending physician “told me that I had to decide which of the two to keep. Umberto and I refused, despite the risks also for my health. “The show-girl, therefore, although aware of the contraindications that can be encountered during a late pregnancyYes is categorically refused to “choose to eliminate one of my children”. A more than understandable decision and which, fortunately, turned out to be the right one. Today, in fact, Heather, her husband – with whom, she reveals, “I met romance at 45” – and the twins live happily in Hong Kong.

Late pregnancies: a growing trend (not only among stars)

Parisianyway, she is not the only celebrity to have become a mother since door. Many are the names of the women belonging to the showbiz who have given birth to one or more children even after the age of forty, when the risks increase and the fertility rate decreases. Among these we remember, for example, Halle Berry, who carried on a pregnancy at 41 and another at 47; Janet Jackson, who gave birth for the first time at the age of 50; Brigitte Nielsen, who became a mother for the fifth time in 2018, when she was 54. The list could go on and on. Although, in fact, the most fertile years are conventionally recognized as those ranging from 20 to 30/35, late pregnancies are becoming an increasingly widespread trend and not only in Hollywood. To confirm this data, recently, the report “Analysis of the birth event“Published by the Ministry of Health on the Childbirth Assistance Certificate, which shows that, in the year 2021, theaverage age at which women became mothers rose to 33.


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What are the risks of pregnancy in the sashes?

But it is true that, with increasing age there is alsoincreased risks which the health of mother and child? It is objective that, in the case of late pregnancies, infertility, miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities are more frequent, however, this is not a general rule. So much depends, in fact, on the clinical picture of the expectant mother, family history and lifestyle followed during gestation. Therefore, by undergoing the necessary prenatal screening and the care of attentive and expert doctors, it is still possible to live your over-forty pregnancy with serenity and carry it to term in the best way.

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