Heidi Klum had a naked mishap in the show “Got Talent”! What a scandal!

The German model has long stopped walking on the catwalks, but is eagerly involved in other media projects.

Heidi Klum created her own show “Germany Next Top Model” and hosted “Project Runway”.

She is also a juror in the “Mam Talent” program, to which she returned a year ago after a two-year break.

During the recent recordings, something happened that all the media are writing about now, and in the context of the scandal.

Heidi Klum sitting on the armchair, wanting to pose for a photo with her friend Sofia Vergara and a friend, leaned over, showing her completely naked bottom.

Her tempting dress did not manage to cover her buttocks, which was recorded by the cameras.

When the footage hit TikTok, Heidi Klum didn’t ask for it to be deleted at all. Contrary! She posted them as an Instagram post.

Would she want everyone to admire her naked buttocks? In the description, she only joked that it was a warning to herself not to bend over when wearing a short skirt.

Heidi Klum is known for her distance to herself. Once, when her dress was ripped open, she proudly posed for a video with a big hole in her bottom, and later also posted it on the web.

Queen of mishaps?


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