Hello Infinite and the cheat problem. Players are asking for the removal of the crossplay

343 Industries will have to face quite a challenge that is difficult for many game developers. There are rogue players using illegal support on the Halo Infinite servers.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo, the free multiplayer mode for the latest adventure of Master Chief was unexpectedly released. The production quickly became a hit on Steam, and thanks to feedback from users, the American studio took care of solving the inconveniences.

For several days, cheaters have also made themselves at home on Halo Infinite servers. In the course of online struggles, you can more and more often come across PC players who use aimbots. The problem is that console players cannot fight only other Xbox users, because the producers have introduced crossplay. In threads directed to developers, there are more and more requests to get rid of this option – for now, players are left to only search for other people using the pads.

So far, the 343 Industries team has not responded to the complaints, but we can expect that soon the developers will introduce a number of solutions that will facilitate the game for normal users. Let us remind you that not only the authors of Halo have a big problem with cheaters – Acitivision is fighting a decisive fight against cheaters and blocks thousands of profiles. Currently, there is more and more talk about a permanent ban on all productions in the Call of Duty series.

Source: https://wccftech.com/halo-infinite-multiplayer-is-reportedly-already-rife-with-cheaters-and-xbox-players-want-out-of-crossplay/

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