Hepatitis C, the appeal of the Piacenza Ausl: “Adhere to free checks”. that’s how

“With an early diagnosis, hepatitis C therapy works 99% of cases, which is why screenings are the first and most effective weapon of treatment.” Alessandra Rampini, Director of Hygiene and Public Health, recently participated in the 55th national congress of the Italian Society of Hygiene where he presented a poster dedicated to this screening together with Dr. Ferdinando Fichtner. After the moment of discussion with colleagues, the specialist from Piacenza returns to focus on the importance of prevention as an instrument of health protection.

“Hepatitis C is an inflammatory liver disease caused by a virus. It is a dangerous infection: infected people in some cases develop chronic liver disease, which can develop into very severe and progressive forms ranging from cirrhosis to liver cancer. Often you do not realize that you are sick: acute infection, that is the one contracted at the first encounter with the virus, in most cases does not cause particular disorders, but tends to “settle” in the body, becoming chronic in 50-80 % of patients. Symptoms can also occur several years after infection due to the development of chronic liver disease or other complications in other organs. This is why it is so important to investigate the presence of the virus even without manifest symptoms: healing from hepatitis C is possible. The therapy that has been available for some years is simple to take, safe and extremely effective. About 95% of people treated recover completely by eliminating the infection.

As part of the regional campaign, the Piacenza Health Authority has activated a free and dedicated screening against hepatitis C. Participating is very simple. The campaign is aimed at all people born between 1969 and 1989 and there is no need for a request from a family doctor.

To join the screening, just a simple blood test that can be booked through the company Cup counters, by calling the free number 800.651.94, or by going directly during the acceptance at the sampling points in Piacenza – via Taverna, Fiorenzuola and Castel San Giovanni in the time slots with direct access to the public.

“Screening is also free for those at risk who are outside the range of people born between 1969 and 1989. It is also carried out for Sert patients, prisoners and homeless people. In fact, from these investigations, it emerged that the virus is also present in adults and elderly people. It is therefore important to keep our guard up with wide-ranging prevention campaigns ”.

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