Here are the 10 dream countries where a house costs like a small car, if you want to change your life

Very few people know this, but in a country very close to Italy – a Mediterranean and beautiful place – houses on average cost only one thousand euros per square meter. It means that a 70 square meter three-room apartment costs more or less 70 thousand euros. But this is the average figure: you can find a lot for a lot less.

We are talking about Turkey, where with a little luck a house by the sea (and not so small) can be bought for only 40 thousand euros. They are tiny figures, if compared to the Italian ones, or even worse on the French or Spanish coast.

But Turkey is not the only country in the world that is so affordable to buy a house. Surely it is the most convenient one near our country, which is a considerable advantage, but then there is Greece, Lithuania, Latvia (and these three are all countries of the European Union, in which the currency is the euro and the bureaucracy for EU citizens is facilitated).

Riga, latvia aerial panoramic top view of old town and daugava river at sunset the tower of dome cathedral, a symbol of the latvian capital city

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In addition to the European countries there are Brazil, Thailand, Russia, Mexico and South Africa. These are the countries where, by far, it is more convenient to buy a house. The figure is obtained by comparing the cost of real estate, the average one, with how much they yield on the market.

In short, if we are thinking that we would like to buy a house, but there seems to be no way due to Italian prices, there is no need to give up or get down: just make an investment where it is cheaper and more convenient to do so. No?

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