Here are the future conquerors of space! Training of future astronauts has started at NASA

The future astronauts are four women and six men. They are in perfect physical condition, have a comprehensive education, but also had a lot of luck, because there were many people willing to work in space. They were chosen with 12 thousand peoplewho have come to the NASAto become astronauts.

The criteria were very strict – each of these people not only had to pass the murderous stress tests in NASA’s Huston Training Center, but also to be an expert in areas such as robotics or IT.

To become a NASA astronaut, each of them first had to pass a very difficult exam in physical fitness. Candidates had to prove that they could dive, climb and even survive in difficult conditions in wild terrain. Subsequent tests showed whether their psyche was strong enough to go into space. For NASA it was very important to find out which ones they had leadership abilities.

In order to get a job at NASA, each of them had to demonstrate higher education (preferably a doctorate). Among the future astronauts there are real scientists who have been conducting research in the field for years medicine or geology. It was much appreciated experience in the cockpit of a jet plane (the condition is a minimum of 1000 hours in the air). Many of the contenders for space conquerors are former military pilots.

They now have two years of training before they go into space. It is divided into five stages: operation and maintenance of the space station, space walks, robot operation, piloting of T-38 supersonic jets, and … Russian lessons! This is because they will work with Russian cosmonauts at the ISS station. Future astronauts NASA they can’t wait to start training.

The famous “NASA pool“is a massive 23.5 million liter tank in which the life-size modules of the space station are immersed. Astronaut candidates wearing space suits will practice underwater in conditions that resemble the lack of weightlessness in space.

After completing the training, American astronauts can not only fly to International Space Station (ISS), but also put your foot on The moon! There is a good chance that among the ten lucky ones there are people who will take part in the lunar mission ARTEMIS.

Artemis-1 is the first mission in NASA’s preparation for the return of the Americans to the moonwhich is currently planned for 2025.

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