here are the lots and the brand not to be consumed

The alarm Escherichia Coli this time it hits the Taleggio. Some batches of Taleggio PDO raw milk cheese have been recalled by the producer, due to microbiological risk, due to the possible presence of a dangerous strain of E.Coli (STEC gene eae sg O26). The company issued the withdrawal notice Casarrigoni Srl, based in Taleggio, in the province of Bergamo, which produces for various brands.

The withdrawal notice was published on the Ministry of Health website with warnings not to consume the product and return it to the store where it was purchased.

Taleggio contaminated by E.Coli, the lots withdrawn

The recalls concern the following product lots:

  • Lot 25277 of Taleggio brand Terre d’Italia (with expiry date 03/11/22)
  • 3 lots of Taleggio brand Pascoli del Fattore, or 25272 (expiring 11/28/22), 25276 (expiring 11/28/22) and 25277 (expiring 12/03/22);
  • 4 lots of Taleggio brand Casarrigoni, namely 25272 (expiration 28/11/22), 25276 (expiration 02/12/22), lot 25279 (expiration 05/12/22) and 25280 (expiration 06/12/22).

Escherichia Coli what is the dangerous bacterium

Escherichia coli (E. coli) is a bacterium belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae family, whose natural habitat is the intestines of humans and other animals, especially cattle. Some strains of E. coli, defined as ‘producers of Shiga-Toxinà or’verocytotoxic (STEC or VTEC), that is, as stated on the website of the zooprophylactic institute of Lazio and Tuscany, able to produce dangerous toxins for human health, which induce a severe form of hemorrhagic diarrhea in some cases fatal.

STECs can belong to different serotypes but most cases of infection in humans are caused by 5 serotypes, including O26. Again due to microbiological risk linked to E.coli, 10 days ago, the Milk and Fontina Producers Cooperative had recalled a batch of Fontina.

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