Here are the war crimes committed by Vladimir Putin. At Omnibus Sabino Cassese demolishes Russia – Time

In the March 11 episode of Omnibus, a La7 program that sees Alessandra Sardoni conducting, the constitutionalist Sabino Cassese is a guest with whom the discussion on possible war crimes committed by Russia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine is deepened. The former judge of the Constitutional Court is clear: “What is emerging is that there are two types of violations that Russia is committing. The first is a war, therefore a violation with aggression. Then there is a violation in the way the war is conducted. It is a real shame that the observers on the ground have somehow given way. There is an OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine with many observation centers which is being evacuated. It seems that one of the mission members was killed during the war. Interventions by supra-national authorities are possible if they come from a foreign observatory, which is a very important point. We have lost a clear vision. Especially since Ukraine is winning the war in image and narration. War consists of tragic facts and how these are known to the world. Russia does not realize the damage it is inflicting itself, communication is all in the hands of Zelensky’s men ”.

“Yesterday – continues Cassese – there were very important steps forward at Versailles on European defense”. Sardoni interrupts the professor and asks him about the stop of the European Union at the entrance of Ukraine. “It is not a sign of disengagement, but it does not please the Ukrainians …” highlights the journalist before the constitutionalist’s response: “In a sense Vladimir Putin is right when he says that Ukraine is part of the history of Russia, because it makes part. But Putin does not realize that he has contradicted himself, as he is bombing a part of his history of him. It is the impasse in which this autocrat has entered. It seems to me that the steps forward in Versailles were very important in relation to the failure of contact with Lavrov. His statements – Cassese closes – are laughable “.

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