Here is a new brand on the Polish market. We got to know the Polish price of this unique SUV

In Poland, new car manufacturers appear every decade or several decades. It is no wonder then that the debut of the Ineos brand echoed widely in our country. In this material, we will deal with what Ineos actually is and, above all, what it has to offer to Polish customers.

Ineos Automotive, a new player on the automotive market

The history of the Ineos brand does not knock your knees down. It is a British company originating from the chemical industry, the owner of which is one of the richest people on the islands, with assets valued at 11 billion pounds, or almost 60 billion zlotys. Sir Jim Ratcliffe – because they’re talking here – once wanted to create a thoroughbred SUV, but not one for the city. What is it?

It was supposed to be a pure off-roader modeled on such classics as the Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler or Toyota LandCruiser 70. the company operates in 25 countries, employs 26 thousand. employees and brings an annual income of 60 million dollars, he can afford it, he turned to action.

Ineos Grenadier

The production of the Ineos Grenadier model will start soon, in mid-2022. The car will be manufactured in Hambach, France. Originally it was a Daimler plant, but the Germans decided to move to China – because this is where Smart will be produced soon. According to preliminary assumptions, 300,000 people are to leave the production line each year. Grenadiers.

Ineos Grenadier – specification

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Grenadier is to be a fully functional car. Therefore, it is not surprising how it is made. We will only say that it is very strict. In the middle, literally all knobs, switches and other “buttons” are the size of an orangeso that they can be operated without major problems, even with work gloves. The floor, in turn, is made of plastic. So there are no contraindications, to flush the mud with high-pressure water. We will also squeeze one Euro pallet inside.

Ineos Grenadier

According to the portal, we can also find a 4 × 4 Tremec drive, an 8-speed automatic transmission from BMW. The Bavarian brand will also provide a 6-cylinder engine. Unfortunately, the price is high. It is estimated that the vehicle in Poland will cost almost 280 thousand zloty. Everything will turn out when the official Ineos Grenadier price list is presented in our country.


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