Here is the end of Chrome support for Windows 7

Microsoft ended supporting Windows 7 early last year. However, there is a certain group of users that still use it. For this reason, Google will allow Chrome to run on such configurations until 2023.

Google Chrome supported on Windows 7

Officially, Microsoft ended supporting Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Business and corporate customers can count on additional security updates until January 2023, but not longer.

Windows 7 is (still) a living legend

The makers of web browsers are following Microsoft. Redmond developers have already announced that Internet Explorer 11 will be disconnected from use on June 15, 2022 (regardless of the system used). In turn, Microsoft Edge will cease to work on January 15, 2023 – of course only in the dimmed Windows 7. In Windows 10 and Windows 11, Edge is doing great.

The days of Google Chrome in Windows 7 are also numbered. The team responsible for the development of the browser previously announced that support for Chrome on this system will end in mid-January 2022. Apparently, however, a revision of this plan was made as there was an update on the Google blog stating that support had been extended until January 15, 2023 – until Microsoft oversees Windows 7.

Extending Google Chrome support for an officially blanked system means only one thing: the software is installed on a large enough number of terminals for the company to worry about it.

Other browser manufacturers declare a similar period of providing security updates and patches for their programs on Windows 7. Mozilla, although it has not given any dates yet, is unlikely to cut Firefox users off critical updates – and certainly not anytime soon.

Who else in the room uses good Windows 7?

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