here is the official trailer of the film with Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy!

by Gianluca Panarelli

The trailer official of “The Menu”Was finally released in Italian. The film, directed by Mark Mylod (“Ali G“,”The Big White” And “(S) ex list“)will debut at the cinema next November 17.

Plot and cast of “The Menu”

The feature film will focus on a young couple (Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) intent on savoring the delicacies of the tasty menu created by the chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes). Inside the elegant restaurant, however, it seems that rather peculiar dishes are served. Written by Seth Reiss and Will Tracythe work produced by Adam McKay will take advantage of the approach comedy and the colors horrific so that a pungent and disturbing story with a gastronomic background is outlined.

In addition to the protagonists, the film will be able to count on Hong ChauJanet McTeerJudith LightReed BirneyPaul AdelsteinAimee CarreroArturo CastroMark St. CyrRob Yang and John Leguizamo. To Colin Stetson (“Lavender“,”The color that came from space“,”Hereditary – The roots of evil”) Instead, the soundtrack of the project will be entrusted.

Initially, Emma Stone she was supposed to fill the role of Anya Taylor-Joy, but due to numerous commitments, the actress was forced to abandon the feature film. We also remind you that before being replaced by MylodAlexander Payne had to give up directing the film. Start in September 2021the shooting took place in that of Savannahin Georgia.

Waiting for the first reviews coming from the world premiere to the Toronto Film Festivalwe offer you the promotional video of “The Menu“.

And what do you think of the clip? What you saw aroused your interest in “The Menu“? What role will be reserved for Anya Taylor-Joy? Let us know on our social channels. In the meantime, we invite you to stay on the pages of Nasce, Cresce, Streamma for further updates from the world of cinema and TV series.

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