Here’s Where Blake Lively and Ryan Raynolds Live

Immersed in the greenery of Pound Ridgein the county of Westchester North of New York, the home of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, the most beautiful couple of Met Gala, extends over a plot of 5 hectares away from the chaos of the metropolis. Green meadows and wild nature frame the construction of the 1860 in which the couple decided to move to live one calmer and more thoughtful life.

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Pound Ridge: This is where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds live

North of New Yorkfar from honking horns, skyscrapers and night life, there is one colonial style house from 1860. Formed by 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms – beyond the area reserved for guest accommodation, the dream home of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds it’s a big one princely villa immersed in Pound Ridge Woodsa municipality of just over 5000 inhabitants located in the Westchester County.

lake and house facade Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
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Refuge for actors and personalities from the world of art and entertainment, such as Susan Sarandon and Vera Wangthe town founded in 17th century come on Native Americans is where the actress, known as Serena Van Der Woodsen for having interpreted it from 2007 to 2012 in Gossip Girl seriessettled with the husband Ryan Reynolds and the three daughters to marry the philosophy of a reserved life.

The house, purchased in 2012 (year in which Ryan and Blake are married) for 5.7 million dollars (about € 5.4 million), is located within a land that extends for more 5 hectares, among ancient trees, plants and flowers.


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ home

So the two actors, from 10 yearsthey tell through their social profiles the simple and bucolic life immersed in the nature of their cottage style home. Few details, those shared by the couple, but enough to make fans and admirers from all over the world dream: 441 square meters of luxury and elegance, in an old-fashioned structure that houses a total of 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, an outdoor barn and a wooden porch.

An expanse of green lawn, paved in stone and an English telephone box: so opens the doors to us Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds mansion. From the outside cared for and embellished by flowers and unspoiled natureyou go inside, come on high ceilingsmade of wooden floors and unworked stone wallsin a mix of styles from rustic to colonial in perfect balance with each other.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds villa exterior
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The living room with exposed beamsfrom which the Hollywood star often records his videos, comes up with a simple furniture in warm colorssuch as ocher and orangewhich goes well with the sky-earth windows overlooking the perimeter garden with lawn.

On the upper floor, finally, the bedroom in neutral tones and furnished with shabby chic furniture and which houses, inside, thehuge walk-in closet for Blake’s exclusive uselined with Exposed shoe cabinets and with a central island of drawers in full Van Der Woodsen style.

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